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The Wigwam; Or, The Little Girl From Town.

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The Wigwam; Or, The Little Girl From Town.

by Lady Bell

Genre: Young Audiences
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length: 10 Minutes

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Likely


F.–What shall I do then?

E.–You shall sit down and look round you.

F.–Sit on what?

E.–On an old packing-case covered with chintz! You have no idea what a comfortable seat it makes.

F.–A packing-case! I am sure there would be nails in it that would catch on my dress. I would rather sit in the house on a proper chair.

E.–But you surely don’t want to stay in all day, when the sun is shining like this?

F.–That’s just it, I don’t like to sit in the sun. I shall get freckled.

M.–Do you like to be out in the damp, then?

F.–Oh no, indeed! It takes the curl out of my hair.

M.–What shall we do, then? It’s so dull sitting in here.

F.–Very! but I knew before I came it would be dull.

M.–(Aside.) Isn’t she rude!

E.–(Aside.) Hush! (To FANNY.) I’ll tell you what we will do. We’ll go into the poultry-yard, it is shady there.

F.–Well, what is there to see in the poultry-yard?

E.–Oh, all sorts of things. We can look for eggs and bring in some for breakfast.

F.–I think the servants ought to do that.

M.–Or we can feed the hens.

NOTE FROM NMI: Lady Bell plays are very short sketches written for very young children, suitable for nursery puppet plays, rather than actual theatres.


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