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To the Bitter End

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To the Bitter End

by Richard Matthews Hallet

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Short Story
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


“Still and all,” said Elmer, “wouldn’t it have been kind of too bad to put a young horse like that out of its misery? It warn’t a day over ten years old.”

“And now what?” continued Pearl. “I heard only to-day that she’s been to the first selectman about having our place here condemned on the ground that it’s unsafe. And the next thing I know I’ll be turned out of house and home and won’t know which way to turn nor where to lay my head. After I’ve slaved like a dog all my life and worse–and what thanks do I get for it? Why, my husband–walks away–and leaves me–in the lurch. That’s how much he–thinks of me. Ain’t you never coming to bed?”

Elmer, who had stood listening, now in fact had his lips ready puffed to blow out the light.

But he did not blow.

Instead he said, “My soul and body, what was that?”

A fearful sound smote upon their ears. Something had shouldered the house. The stovepipe in the kitchen fell down, there followed the sound as of some scaly creature dragging its body across the linoleum. Then there came a fall of plaster, and the kitchen stove itself appeared stealthily through the bedroom wall.


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