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by George Middleton

Genre: Drama
Setting: England
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


MARY. [Quietly.] You leave mother at times, don’t you?

OLLIVANT. I’ve got to.

MARY. So may I.

OLLIVANT. And the children?

MARY. They’d have a share of my life.

OLLIVANT. A mighty big share if you’re human, I tell you. Ask your mother if you think they’re easy coming and bringing up.

MARY. And now they’ve left her. Dear mother, what has she to do?

OLLIVANT. Well, if you ever get a husband with those ideas of yours you’ll see what a wife has to do. [He goes to her.] Mary, it isn’t easy, all this you’ve been saying. But your mother and I are left alone, and perhaps we have got different views than you. But if ever you do see it our way, and give up or fail— well, come back to us, understand?

MARY. [Going to him and kissing him.] I understand how hard it was for you to say that. And remember I may come back a success.

OLLIVANT. Yes. I suppose they all think that; it’s what keeps them going. But some day, when you’re in love and marry, you’ll see it all differently.

MARY. Father, what if the man does not come–or the children?


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