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Turkey Red

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Turkey Red

by Frances Gilchrist Wood

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Short Story
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


He turned to the girl, opened his lips as if to speak with a face full of pity.

Along the four-foot space between the end of the bed and the opposite wall the girl walked, crooning to the sick child she carried. As they watched, the low song died away, her shoulder rubbed heavily against the boarding, her eyelids dropped and she stood sound asleep. The next hard-drawn breath of the baby roused her and she stumbled on, crooning a lullaby.

Smith clutched the younger man’s shoulder. “God, Hillas, look where she’s marked the wall rubbing against it! Do you suppose she’s been walking that way for three days and nights? Why, she’s only a child–no older than my own daughter.”

Hillas nodded.

“Where are her people? Where’s her husband?”

“Down in Yankton, Dan told you, working for the Winter. Got to have the money to live.”

“Where’s the doctor?”

“Nearest one’s in Haney–four days’ trip away by stage.”

The traveler stared, frowningly.


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