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by Granville Barker

Genre: Drama
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


BLACKBOROUGH. [Impatiently.] My dear Cantelupe, if you think Horsham can form a disestablishment cabinet to include Trebell and exclude you, you’re vastly mistaken. I for one . . .

FARRANT. But do both of you consider how valuable, how vital Trebell is to us just at this moment? The Radicals trust him. . .

BLACKBOROUGH. They hate him.

HORSHAM. [Elucidating.] Their front bench hates him because he turned them out. The rest of them hate their front bench. After six years of office, who wouldn’t?

BLACKBOROUGH. That’s true.

FARRANT. Oh, of course, we must stick to Trebell, Blackborough.

BLACKBOROUGH is silent; so HORSHAM turns his attention to his cousin.

HORSHAM. Well, Charles, I won’t ask you for a decision now. I know how hard it is to accept the dictates of other men’s consciences . . but a necessary condition of all political work; believe me.

CANTELUPE. [Uneasily.] You can form your cabinet without me, Cyril.

At this BLACKBOROUGH charges down on them, so to speak.

BLACKBOROUGH. No, I tell you, I’m damned if he can. Leaving the whole high church party to blackmail all they can out of us and vote how they like! Here . . I’ve got my Yorkshire people to think of. I can bargain for them with you in a cabinet . . not if you’ve the pull of being out of it.

HORSHAM. [With charming insinuation.] And have you calculated, Blackborough, what may become of us if Trebell has the pull of being out of it?

BLACKBOROUGH makes a face.

BLACKBOROUGH. Yes . . I suppose he might turn nasty.

FARRANT. I should hope he would.


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