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Welsh Honeymoon

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Welsh Honeymoon

by Jeannette Marks

Genre: Drama
Setting: England
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


CATHERINE [the happiness on her face vanishing, sinks on to the nearest settle]. Uch, I’m a bad, bad woman, aye, Vavasour Jones, a bad woman!

VAVASOUR [puzzled, yet lightly]. Nay, Kats, nay!

CATHERINE [desperately and almost in tears]. Ye cannot believe what I must tell ye. Lad, a year ago this night I went to the church porch, hopin’, aye, prayin’, ye’d be called, that I’d see your spirit walkin’.

VAVASOUR [starting and recovering himself]. Catherine, ye did that!

CATHERINE [plunging on with her confession]. Aye, lad, I did, I’d been so unhappy with the quarrelin’ an’ hard words. I could think of nothin’ but gettin’ rid of them.

VAVASOUR [in a tone of condemnation and standing over her]. That was bad, very bad indeed!

CATHERINE. An’ then, lad, when I reached the church corner an’ saw your spirit was really there, really called, an’ I knew ye’d not live the year out, I was frightened, but uch! lad, I was glad, I was indeed.

VAVASOUR [looking grave]. Catherine, ’twas a terrible thing to do!

CATHERINE [meekly]. Yiss, I know it now, but I didn’t then. I was hard-hearted, an’ I was weak with longin’ to escape from it all. An’ when I ran home I was frightened, but uch! lad, I was glad, too, an’ now it hurts me so to think of it. Can you no comfort me?

VAVASOUR [grudgingly, but not touching CATHERINE’s outstretched hand]. Aye, well, I could, but, Kats, ’twas such a terrible thing to do!


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