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Where But In America

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Where But In America

by Oscar M. Wolff

Genre: Comedy
Setting: America
Format of Original Source: Play
Recommended Adaptation Length:

Candidate for Adaptation? Not Reviewed


BOB. [In awe and astonishment.] You mean that Mr. Lindquist, the young man who comes to see you every–every–every now and then–is the same man who put up the Russell house?

HILDA. Yes, Meester Aispenhayne.

BOB. [Slowly.] And when Mrs. Espenhayne [points to MOLLIE] wrote to Mrs. Russell [jerks his thumb to indicate the north], Mrs. Russell told Mr. Lindquist [jerks his thumb in opposite direction] and Mr. Lindquist telephoned to you?

[Points to HILDA.

HILDA. Yes, Meester Aispenhayne. [Nodding.

BOB. [Very thoughtfully and slowly.] H’mm! [Then slowly resuming his meal and speaking in mock seriousness, in subtle jest at MOLLIE, and imitating her tone of a moment or two back.] But of course, you understand, Hilda, we don’t want to move to the North Shore now! Oh, no, not now!

HILDA. [Somewhat crestfallen.] Yes, Meester Aispenhayne.

BOB. [Reflectively.] But, of course, if Mr. Lindquist builds houses, we might look. Yes, we might look.

HILDA. [In growing confidence and enthusiasm.] Yes, Meester Aispenhayne, and he build such beautiful houses and so cheap.


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