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Whose Dog?

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Whose Dog?

by Frances Gregg

Genre: Drama
Setting: America
Format of Original Source: Short Story
Recommended Adaptation Length: 15 Minutes

Candidate for Adaptation? Promising


The old man stood a moment, shaken. His pulpy brain worked dimly toward the conception of the pain that was consuming him. “Whose dog–” that man had asked–and he hadn’t meant to help it–“whose dog!” They could do it–tie up a dog to drown in sight of people–like that–cruel. He saw the policeman coming toward him again. In a sudden frenzy he clutched his tattered garments about him and began to run, to run toward the end of the pier.

The boys raced after him. “What yer gonter do?” they shouted. “What yer gonter do?”

The old man turned and looked at them a moment with twitching features. “I’m gonter die,” he said.

“Come on, you fellers–come on–the drunk’s gonter dive–come on–he’s cryin’!”


Moving story about an old man without anything left to live for. But it’s a single moment, rather than a stroyline. It could make for a wonderful, slightly poetic, slightly funny, but ultimately profound and sad short musical.


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