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Musical contests update – July 2018

Our Resource Center is chockful of contests and other opportunities for writers.  Naturally as each month passes, the deadline expires for many contests.  Your task is to go in to our database, visit the website for the contests which have expired for the month of

JULY 2018

and update all the contests, prizes and opportunities which have expired in that month.  Double-check: 1) is the link is working?  2) have they changed any of the criteria or description of the contest? 3) Have they announced the deadline for the next round?

If you can’t find a deadline for the next round, just change the year to the next upcoming one.

Contact elise@nmi.org to get access to the contest database.

If you put in four hours, but there are still some more entries which you didn’t get to, no worries…just let us know where you left off.