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Musical Theatre Writers Research – 3 (Catalogues)

We’re putting together a Registry of Musical Theatre writers, and would like to include contact information for writers in some published catalogues.  Most likely this will be contacts of their agents, managers or publicists.  First things first — we need a list of writers.  Your task is first to obtain three catalogues from Scott:  for Steele Springs, for Broadway Licensing, and for Theatrical Rights Worldwide, and from those catalogues, compile a list of the names of bookwriters, composers and lyricists and the name of the show they wrote.  Send that list to scott@nmi.org.  Someone else will then take that list and try to find contact information (in a different volunteer task).

We estimate this will take two hours or thereabouts.  Let us know if two hours isn’t enough to accomplish this, and if not, how far you’ve gotten and what’s left to compile.  Thanks.