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Public Service Announcements – 6

We’re putting together a campaign to send out public service announcements (“PSA’s”) about NMI to radio stations across the country as part of their license requirements with the FCC.  Where we need your help is researching to what address to send our PSA’s.


We’ve found a site which has links to radio stations all around the country.  Your task is to find email addresses for PSA’s by visiting websites for radio stations in any or all of following states:




Search the website, looking for “PSA” or “public service announcements.  If you don’t find that quickly, scroll to the very bottom of the webpage and look for something like “Contact Us”, “community events” or “calendar” or “send us news”.  If you don’t find any of that, don’t stress…just move on…there are plenty more radio stations to search.


Find an email address which accepts PSA’s.  If you don’t find an email address, second best would be a a FAX number, or an online form.  If you find a station which has only a mailing address, skip ’em.


Please create either an Excel file or a Word table in the following format:


KMHDMNhttps://www.opb.org/kmhd/about/contact/online form


If you don’t know how to create an Excel file or Word table, then please don’t take on this volunteer assignment, and find something else which suits your skills.


Once you’ve put in four hours, email the result to admin@nmi.org and then visit your member page and claim your volunteer hours.


Here’s the link to the site.  Good luck; happy e-searching!