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events/ tickets

New Musicals Inc. has many different public events ranging from readings and concerts to full productions to conferences and festivals, in many venues around the Los Angeles area. Check out the upcoming events below, and also learn about all of events in the various sections on this page.


Monday, April 22 - 8:15pm Pacific

Book and Lyrics by Momo Koizumi, Music by Ben Ginsberg
Join legendary Japanese-American architect Minoru Yamasaki as he travels far and wide from Seattle to Kyoto, Japan, and eventually New York City where he fights with the Big Apple big shots as he races the clock to design the original Twin Towers. It’s the story of the immigrant artist who overcomes the odds to make his dreams come true, forever changing history as we know it.
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Monday, May 20 - 8:00pm Pacific

By Angela Parrish and Makena Metz
At a local LA chapter of the support group “Sick and Tired,” people with mental and/or physical illnesses come together to share stories and be their authentic selves. When a new, unexpected member attends the group for the first time, the people there must reckon with their past and present to show the world that they deserve to have a voice.
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All readings will take place at New Musicals Inc. in North Hollywood, and will also be live-streamed via YouTube (Sign up for a YouTube Notification HERE).

“THE MAX FACTOR FACTOR [is] a bright and cheerful musical romp …one of the most (if not the most) original musicals ever to hit the local stage scene …
Who says they don’t make ‘em like they used to?”

Accessibility Live

Los Angeles

readings / concerts

New Musicals Inc. is excited to produce readings and concerts of new musicals in development whenever we are able to - including our monthly MONDAY NIGHT READINGS of the newest work from our members; and our almost-annual “got musical” concert of current shows in development.

A concert reading of INVISIBLE by David Hollingsworth and David Orris,
performed at the Colony Theatre in Burbank.

The cast of GRACIE FROM ECONOMY CLASS (by Joel Adlen and David Anthony Hall) from the 15 Minute Musicals at the Met Theatre

15 minute musicals

Every year, the writers who have just spent a season in our famed collaborative curriculum write brand new 15-minute musicals from scratch - and then we produce them all in one evening at a theatre in Los Angeles.

To check out highlights from past seasons of 15 Minute Musicals, visit 15 MINUTE MUSICALS HIGHLIGHTS

The cast of the 15 Minute Musical ONE PERSON’S TRASH by Mike Robinson, Laura Watkins, and Jackie Lee

“MANSON’S GIRLS is a chilling story made all too human through a fantastic production.”

Lacey Pawlowicz


fringe festival

The Hollywood Fringe Festival - which takes place every June - is a great place to showcase new musicals in development!  New Musicals Inc. produces short and full-length shows each season - don’t miss it!

To check out highlights from past seasons at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, visit FRINGE FESTIVAL ARCHIVES

In rehearsal for HELL’S KITTY - by Nicholas Tana - at the Hollywood Fringe Festival

The greenscreen studio where New Musicals Inc. is shooting several different new series of short musicals for the internet featured on YouTube on CHANNEL 5678

internet musicals

New Musicals Inc. is actively exploring the concept of short musicals on the internet by shooting several different internet series and publishing them on our YouTube Channel.

To see everything we’ve posted - make sure to SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

Elise Dewsberry as Ann Reeves Jarvis in the internet series THE LEARNED LADIES

“A RING IN BROOKLYN stands a good chance of a life beyond its current engagement. One thing is certain. Its book and song writers could not have found a better team to bring their vision to life than the onstage and behind-the-scenes team behind this very promising world premiere.”

Steven Stanley


stages festival

An annual Chicago tradition for 15 years in Chicago, the STAGES FESTIVAL OF NEW MUSICALS moved to Los Angeles in 2011, becoming a biennial festival.

New Musicals Inc brings together dozens of writers, directors, music directors, and actors to present concert readings of new musicals in various stages of development. These are presented over a jam-packed weekend, and/or streamed live!

To check out highlights from past STAGES Festivals, visit STAGES FESTIVAL ARCHIVES

Mark Anthony Lopez, Emerson Boatwright, and Jeff Scot Carey in the developmental production of BAGELS! the musical, with book and lyrics by Chana Wise and music by Carl Johnson,
from the 2015 STAGES Festival.

Sheldon Epps (formerly Pasadena Playhouse) discusses new musicals from the prospective of the producer, along with fellow panelists Padraic Duffy (Sacred Fools), Matt Quinn (Theatre Asylum), John Flynn (Rogue Machine) and moderator Jeff Loeb (Pantages Theatre)

“Thank you, what an honor to be part of such a wonderful and prestigious event. It is thrilling to see such dialogues happening in our community and especially to be a part of it!”

Michael Jung

Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment


Join us every other summer for a CONFERENCE on various different aspects of writing new musicals. The Conference is a weekend packed with panels and practicums designed for the serious creators of new musicals. 

To check out highlights from past conferences, visit CONFERENCE ARCHIVES

Broadway producer Ken Davenport at the 2016 BIZ Conference


The Bully Problem

produced by NMI at the Hollywood Fringe Festival