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our annual 15 minute musicals

The 15 Minute Musicals are an annual event that represent the culmination of the Core Curriculum.  The writers who have taken part in the Core Curriculum for that year are given the final task of writing a 15 minute musical on a specific theme, and for a specific cast.  The musicals are then produced by New Musicals Inc., and presented at a theatre in Los Angeles.

For more information about how the 15 Minute Musicals fit into the Core Curriculum, visit the CORE CURRICULUM page.

If you are looking for tickets for this year’s 15 Minute Musicals - check our TICKETS page beginning in early June.

For visual highlights from past season’s of 15 Minute Musicals, continue on this page!

highlights of past 15 minute musicals...


eight short musicals about getting away with it

July 13 and 14, 2021
Broadwater Mainstage


The Haunting Crimes of Dave  - book by Makena Metz, music and lyrics by D. Michael O’Dell
Down the Isle - book by Davern Wright, music by Lisa Maria Sedares, lyrics by Jackie Brenneman
Inside - book and lyric by Elizabeth I. Simko, music by Orlando Byron
Broken Tree Lane - book and lyrics by Lawrence Cousineau, music by Anton Chesnokov

MUSIC DIRECTOR: Marc Macalintal
STAGE MANAGER: Timothy Michael Reyes
CAST: Elizabeth A. Bouton, Lauren Byrd, Nyx Ciel, and Chris Smith


Alligator - book and lyrics by Abel Alvarado, music by Nathan Douglas Scalise
For Richer or For Poorer - book by Kim Bixler, music by Michael Steven Turnblom, lyrics by Greg Beattie
Between COVID and the Deep Blue Sea - book by Celeste Chan Wolfe, music and lyrics by Benjamin Emory Larson
Back to Your Grave, Ma! - book and lyrics by David Harry Yoon, music by Michael Vegas Mussman

DIRECTOR: John Coppola
CAST: Carrie Lynn Certa, Max Havas, Stephanie Rojo, and John David Wallis


six short musicals about separation

July 2020 - ONLINE (due to the Great Pandemic!)


A View from the Moon Book by Richard Holland, music by Ben Ginsberg, lyrics by Stacey Weingarten
The Traitor Book and lyrics by Stephen K. Nolly, music by Ron Barnett
I Need Space Book and music by Sergei Stern, lyrics by Jordan Toopes

Starring: Ashley Felkner, Casey Hunter, Jordan Mitchell-Love, and Lindsay Zana

Directed by Scott Guy
Music Directed by Ron Barnett


Close (But Not Too Close) Book by Paloma Sierra, music by Dusty Sanders, lyrics by Julia Koyfman. Starring Taji Coleman, Jesimiel Jenkins, Tonoccus McClain, and Katherine Washington.
Breakout Book by Lalit Sritara, music by Evan Johnson, lyrics by Kellan Meador. Starring Wilson Bell, Carrie Lynn Certa, Camden Espino, and Socks Whitmore.
The Perfect Wedding Book by Nicola Scott, music and lyrics by Laura Watkins. Starring Judi Domroy, Marcello Padilla, Lelia Symington, and Luke Wall.

Directed by John Coppola
Music Directed by Ron Barnett
Stage Managed by Carrie-Lynn Certa



eight short musicals about jealousy

July 18 and 19, 2019
Broadwater Theatre Second Stage


I Heart Jeffrey Braddock by Marilyn Haese, Ron Barnett, and Charlotte Bash
The Cure by B.K. Wells and Xavier Vidal
The Fith Element by Wayne Self and Joelle Ferrando
Greener Gardens by Sara Beil, Jon Kull, and Greg Beattie

Starring: Corinne DeVries, Seth David Mitchell, Giane Morris, and Patrick Steward

Directed by Elise Dewsberry
Music Directed by Ron Barnett
Stage Managed by Rachel Shanblatt


The High Wire by Gustav Hoyer, Joely Zuker, and Elizabeth Coleman Everhard
Granny Wars by Kimberly Barger and Katie Brady
Stanford or Bust by Michael Harold and Jane Wong
Cheese & Crackers by Thomas Blakeley, Duncan Smith, and Bill Coe

Starring: Melvin Biteng, Tianna Cohen, Marcello Padilla, and Andrea Somera

Directed by John Coppola
Music Directed by Jake Anthony
Stage Managed by Jenn Dupre


seven short musicals about bridges and gulfs

June 21 and 23, 2018
Broadwater Theatre Second Stage
Hollywood Fringe Festival, Hollywood


A Family Portrait by Makena Metz and Angela Parrish
Fears Anonymous by Deborah Cohen, Jennifer Rosenfeld, and Linee Ferguson
Bundled Together by Claire Partin and Kat Zimmerman
Against the Grrrain by Wayne Self, Kevin Mathie, and Michael Vegas Mussman

Starring: Hannah Madeleine Goodman, Nichole LaMay, Logan Mack, and John David Wallis

Directed by Elise Dewsberry
Music Directed by Kevin Mathie


Kaboom! by Sissy Van Dyke, Clifford J. Tasner, and Scott Kriloff
Legend of the Brothers Legrand by Rhonda Legeyre, Eliza-Jane Morris, and Leslie Sloan
The Split by Peter Welkin, Scott Wilkinson, and Melanie Watson

Starring: Ben William N Fisher, Rachael McLachlan, Mindy Montavon, and Bob Moran

Directed by John Coppola
Music Directed by Ron Barnett
Stage Managed by Arlene Mantek
Rehearsal Pianists: Jake Anthony, Kevin Mathie


Now or Never!

- three short musicals about seizing the day

June 20 and 21, 2016
Lonny Chapman Theatre
North Hollywood.

Dewey “The Animal” Decimal
book by Angie Rupert, music by Ross Plotkin, and lyrics by Karen Bradley Strahan

Before We Do
book by Isabel Storey, music by Clayton Daniel Briggs, and lyrics by Marissa Kochanski

The Yentl Club
book and lyrics by Jeffrey McCrann, music by Stephen Coleman

DIRECTOR: Elise Dewsberry
CAST: Rachel Daniel, Joshua Finkel, Luke Simon, and Amanda Walter


seven short musicals about life-changing moments

June 28, 29, July 1, 2015
Lonny Chapman Theatre
North Hollywood


Fork You! by Lucy Wang, Molly Siskin, and Shawn Ryan
Can I Help You Out? by Weston Scott, Laura Wardrip, and David Rackoff
End of the Line by Howard Ho, Kristen Rea, and Chris Edgar

Starring: David Crane, Shannon Martinous, Conchita Belisle-Newman, and Louis Silvers

Directed by Scott Guy
Music Directed by Ron Barnett
Choreographed by Noel Britton
Stage Managed by Rita Cannon


Have A Nice Trip by Dan Margules, Raphael Nemes, and Marissa Kochanski
Margot’s Blessing by Lori Ada Jaroslow and Morgan Hollingsworth
Half Off by Rich Cook and Jeff King
Queen Hamembsheput Says What? by Danielle Roderick, Sahara Sunday Spain, and Mitchell Glaser

Starring: Melvin Biteng, J. Bailey Burcham, Elise Dewsberry, and Emma Sperka

Directed by John Coppola
Music Directed by Ross Kalling
Stage Managed by Angel Hernandez


Can’t Get Enough!

- three short musicals about addiction

June 23 and 24, 2014
Lonny Chapman Theatre
North Hollywood.

The Lover
Grace Jasmine (book and lyrics)
Ron Barnett (music)

Smartest Zombie at Harvard
Bryon Richards (book)
Natalie Elder (lyrics)
Marc Macalintal (music)

Mitch Glaser (book)
Michael Gordon Shapiro (lyrics)
Erik Przytulski (music)

DIRECTOR: Joshua Finkel
CAST: Noel Britton, Sara Gonzales, Jeffrey Landman, and Kevin Yee
STAGE MANAGER: Angel Hernandez


four short musicals about inequality

June 24, 25, 2013
Met Theatre

Gracie … from Economy Class
Book and Lyrics by Joel Adlen
Music by David Anthony Hall

Conception of Love
Book by Robert Rosen
Music by David Haworth
Lyrics by Denis McCourt

In Mysterious Ways
Book by R.K. Rich
Music by Brian Graden
Lyrics by Ben Boquist

Coming Out of the Cave
Book by John Aaron
Music by Ron Barnett
Lyrics by R.K. Rich

Starring: Nikki Jenkins, Kevin Noonchester, Rachel Tyler, and Peter Welkin

Directed by Scott Guy
Music Directed by Jake Anthony
Stage Managed by Kevin Meoak
Choreographed by Peter Welkin
Produced by Elise Dewsberry


five brand new 15-minute musicals about techno-geeks and techno-phobes

June 26, 27, 2012
Colony Theatre

The “Harmon Galloway Reboot Your Life Total Self-Improvement Method and Enchancement System” Show
Book by David Hollingsworth
Music by David Orris
Lyrics by Mara Hitner

Book by Gabrielle Wagner
Music by Bryan Blaskie
Lyrics by Lawrie Chiaro

Bank Shot
Book by Patrice Cassedy
Music by Richard Plotkin
Lyrics by Julie Weiner

Photo Finish
Book by Joel Bailey
Music by Jan Roper
Lyrics by Eve Weston

Book by Matthew Alexander
Music by Erik Przytulski
Lyrics by Karla Kelly

Cast: Allie Costa, Luke Klipp, Shannon Elizabeth Martinous, and Kila Packett.

Director: Elise Dewsberry
Music Director: Jake Anthony
Producer/Stage Manager: Kevin Meoak.


four short musicals about recovery (or not)

June 27 and 28, 2011
Lonny Chapman Theatre

Nothing Personal
Book by Johanna Besterman
Music by Joe Greene
Lyrics by Erin Thompson and Johanna Besterman

The Bombay Staircase Hound of Peek-a-Boo Peak
Book by Elizabeth Carol Thompson
Music by Ronnie Cavalluzzi
Lyrics by John Sparks

Frankie’s Laundry
Book by Bryon L. Richards
Music by Jerry Ranger
Lyrics by Sandy Kasten

Carnival of Souls
Book by Joanna Warren Smith
Music by Todd Syswerda
Lyrics by Fred Piegonski

Cast:  Adrian Bewley, Jordan Kai Burnett, R. Christofer Sands, and Erika Whalen

Director: Elise Dewsberry
Music Director: Jake Anthony
Producer: Patricia Zehentmayr


June 28 and 29, 2010

Colony Theatre

Witch Is It?
Book by Maureen Borillo, Music by Matthew Levine, Lyrics by Richard Castle

Book by Sarah Hernandez, Music by Clifford J. Tasner, Lyrics by Ron Ovadia

Green Thumb
Book by Joan Enguita, Music by Nancy Gitlin, Lyrics by Karrie Vach and Joan Enguita

Shoot Ma!
Book by Joe Moe, Music by Ryan Luevano, Lyrics by Richard Hefner

Cast: Sonia Alcazar, Patrick Foley, Emily Kimmel Plotkin,Barry O’Neil, Gabrielle Wagner.

Director: John Sparks
Music Director: Jake Anthony
Stage Manager: Pat Loeb
Producer: Elise Dewberry
Associate Producer: Patricia Zehentmayr





seven short musicals about heroes and traitors

June 22-25, 2009
Colony Theatre, Burbank


Hired Hands
Book by Larry Gene Fortin, Music and Lyrics by Peter Alexander

Zombie Love
Book by Narda Fargotstein, Music and Lyrics by Clifford J. Tasner

The Ring
Book and Lyrics by Eric Dodson, Music by Alan Ross Fleishman

The Battle Between Good and Evil
Book by Michael Greenspun, Music by Jerry T. Fernandez, Lyrics by Mitchell Glaser

Cast:  Caroline Freeman Champ, Megan Crockett, Tara Hunnewell, Sylvin Jansen, Kevin Noonchester

Director: Elise Dewsberry
Music Director: Jake Anthony
Stage Manager: Rita Cofield


Standing Up
Book by Paul Elliott, Music by Joseph Blodgett, Lyrics by Larry Todd Johnson

The Veteran’s Wife
Book by Adrian Bewley, Music and Lyrics by Scotty Arnold

The People V. Superman
Book by Frank Mula, Music by Edward Auslender, Lyrics by Glenn  Johnson and Frank Mula

Cast:  Kellan Christopher, Kelly Lester, Paul Marchegiani, Dana Shaw, Heather Stewart

Director: Scott Guy
Music Director: Jake Anthony
Stage Manager: Rita Cofield


June 23 and 24, 2008

Colony Theatre

The Rightful Monarch of America
Book by Cynthia Ferrell, Music by Carl Johnson, Lyrics by Jeff Marx

Hell’s Belles
Book by Cynthia Ignacio, Music and Lyrics by Brian Leader

The Blue Queen and the Red Shadow
by Jan Alejandro and Jonathan Price

Bone Appetit
Book by Joanna Perry-Folino, Music by Jerry Ranger, Lyrics by Kincaid Jones

Keeping Score
Book by Yolanda Mendiveles, Music by John Piraino, Lyrics by Chana Wise

Cast: Paul Wong, Brent Schindele, Barry O’Neil, Kendra Munger, and Elise Dewsberry

Director: Andrea Press and Scott Guy
Music Director: Bill Brown
Stage Manager: Carla Porter
Producer: Elise Dewberry







seven short new musicals

June 25-28, 2007 Colony Theatre, Burbank
Produced by Elise Dewsberry


Cain and Abel: The Naked Truth
book by Myrna Emata, music by Madley Katarungan, lyrics by Kellen Blair

Divine Encounter
book by Maureen Borillo, music by William Johnson, lyrics by Jeffrey Scharf

The Liar
book by John Sparks, music by Allison Johnson, lyrics by Patricia Zehentmayr

Cast: Leighton Grampp, Rachel Payne, Amy Reiss, Brent Schindele, and John David Wallis
Directed by Dan Fields
Music Director: Ross Kalling 
Stage Manager: Rita Cofield


book by Tara Redepenning and Hillary Rollins, music by Darin Goulet, lyrics by Hillary Rollins

Oh God, We’re Gonna Die!
by Jeff Marx and Jake Anthony

book by Terri Baker Weiss, music by Beverly Crain, lyrics by William J. Berry

Cast: Alex Chester, David Holmes, Adam LeBow, Kelly Lester, and Amber Nelson
Directed by Michele Spears
Music Director: Bill Brown
Stage Manager: Elspeth Weingarten


four short musicals about the saintly and the nasty

June 13 & 14, 2006
The Pico Playhouse

Got God
book and lyrics Kincaid Jones, music by Richard Fowkes

The Nik of Time
book by Mel McKee, music by Peder Fedde, lyrics by Chris Smith

April in New York
book by Virginia Gail Emrick, music and lyrics by Stephanie Hutchinson

Let Us Prey
book by Doug Dispiri, music by Myrna Emata, lyrics by Carla Porter

Cast: Kathleen Chen, Leslie Friedman, Adam LeBow, Deb Owen, and Stephen Vendette
Director: Elise Dewsberry
Producer: Scott Guy
Music Director: Jake Anthony
Stage Manager: Sara B. Ware


five new very short musicals about two of the most nasty inevitabilities of our lives

June 13-14, 2005
Edgmar Center for the Arts

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
book and lyrics by Robin Share, music by Karlan Judd

The Dependants
book by Bebe McGarry, music by Michael Paul Girard, lyrics by Debra M. Gussin

The Frog Prince
book by Ken Gardner, music by Ken Neufeld, lyrics by Ken Gardner and Ken Neufeld

The Pitch
book by Neville Johnson, music by Charles Gran, lyrics by Nikos Tsakalakos

Where There’s a Will
book by Nancy Crawford, music by Carmen Balas, lyrics by C.J. Ver Burg

Cast: Erika Davis Marsh, Jackie Levy, Happy Mahaney, Bonnie Perlman, and Fred Pinto
Directed by Gary Gardner
Produced by Elise Dewsberry
Music Director: Jake Anthony
Stage Manager: Susan B. Ware


four short musicals about the saintly and the nasty

June 14-17, 2004
The Colony Theatre, Burbank

Written by: Terrence Atkins, John Sterling Carter, Susie Chodakiewitz, Aaron Coleman, Barbara Dixon, Kaye Dunham, James Goins, Peter Grand, Thea Iberall, Laurel Jones, Eric Law, Chuck Pelletier, Fred Pinto, Jeffery Lyle Segal, Erica Stux, Richard Tuttobene, and Megan Wygant

Cast: Teressa Byrne, Ellen Dostal, Brian Dyer, Pat Loeb, and Matthew Rocheleau
Directed by Greg Zerkle
Music Directed by Ross Kalling
Produced by Elise Dewsberry