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Every other year, New Musicals Inc. hosts a conference on the BIZ of the Musical Theatre BIZ! Take a look at recaps from past conferences below - and mark your calendar to join us for the next conference in the summer of 2022. See you then!

I attended the 2016 conference and it was great. Now my show “New York in Chains” has six wonderful singers, a royal prince from Germany and three dates in the Hollywood Fringe!

Don Lewis

KUDOS. BRAVO, BRAVA. I’ve been to lots of workshops over the years in many disciplines. Yours was one of the most comprehensive I’ve ever attended. And, as a brand new playwright, it was incredibly valuable.

John Aaron

KNOW THE FUTURE: Sheldon Epps (Pasadena Playhouse); Padraic Duffy (Sacred Fools Theatre): Matthew Quinn (Theatre Asylum); John Perrin Flynn (Rogue Machine); Jeff Loeb (Pantages Theatre) and moderator Tim Choy (Davidson & Choy Publicity)

This conference is a MUST for anyone who has written a musical and is ready to pitch it. The resources, wisdom and contacts you’ll garner from attending will amaze you and you’ll find them extremely helpful. The people who attend and speak at this conference are kind and not looking to bring EGO to the work just help others learn.

Barbara Heller

There is nothing better than getting together with like-minded artists and co-creators who all have a passion for the musical theatre and sharing the comraderie, inspiration and necessary information to further your career and your artistic development. Everyone who is interested in Musical Theatre should attend!

Hillary Rollins

What a wonderful conference. Such fantastic panels and wonderful people. It’s always so inspiring to talk with people who make the magic happen.

Rachel Payne

Fabulous conference. So well structured with pertinent, relevant and fundamentally useful content and discussion for all music theatre writers - at all levels of experience and knowledge. Please pass on my thanks to all your staff for their terrific efforts on our behalf.

Kevin Purcell, Orchestrator (Andrew Lloyd Webber)

Thank you, what an honor to be part of such a wonderful and prestigious event. It is thrilling to see such dialogues happening in our community and especially to be a part of it!

Michael Jung ( Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment)

For anyone pursuing their musical theater writing dreams, you cannot afford to miss this conference.

David Eshleman

As I’ve had a chance to step back and reflect on it these last couple of days, it was even more of a magnificent opportunity than I could recognize in the middle of it. Just the chance to listen first-hand to the wide array of speakers, coming from their various positions and backgrounds in the theatre community, was invaluable and also inspiring and hopeful. And the chance to commune in such a friendly and collegial environment made it all the easier to feel a part of things and to feel I was among friends – and potential collaborators – rather than competitors. The conference literature – from start to finish – was elegant, classy, spirited, and ever efficient and professional. The food was plentiful, easily (and constantly!) available, and sophisticated without being pretentious. The building looked lovely and well-utilized, and reflected a certain dignity that is, in fact, the dignity of everything associated with NMI. So congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!!!!!

Randi Wolfe

Conference 2018 Attendees during a schmoozing coffee break.

2018 Conference: Artistic Director Daniel Henning at NMI - interacting with Kent Nicholson video conferencing from New York.

I learned a lot more in one weekend than I had in the many moons I’ve been kicking around in theater. It was a good reminder to hear about the economic realities of non-profits, the co-joining of show “world premiers,” the attorneys who had advice about trying to get rights, etc. etc. In short: kudos!

Lori Ada Jaroslow

The panels were AMAZING and the networking opportunities were probably the best I’ve had at any conference.

Patrice Cassedy

Conference 2016 Attendees get a chance to introduce themselves and their projects.

Wherever you are in your career, there is a lot to be gained by attending this conference. Not only do you have a chance to feel the pulse of today’s musical theater scene, but an opportunity to delve into areas that may not be readily accessible – or comprehensible – unless you have access to an inside track. And this is that inside track. For example: Want to adopt a book or film? Thinking of writing a juke box musical? Wondering what non-profit producers are looking for? Curious as to what is it like to work on a commercial hit? Or simply, how do you better pave the road to get your show show up? All that and more is part of this terrific conference.

Joel Adlen