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A Day in the Life With Wicked’s Katie Rose Clarke

It’s a sleepy winter morning, snow falling in a gentle blanket over a quiet Manhattan, but Wicked’s Katie Rose Clarke is buzzing. The actor, currently starring as Glinda in the hit musical, has been up for hours, caring for her eight-month-old daughter while settling into her new apartment and preparing for a concert appearance. It’s an impressive amount of multitasking, but Clarke is taking it all in stride.

“I think any working mom will tell you that it’s not easy. It is a hard balance to have no matter where you are in life. But I’m so grateful. There’s a new life that wasn’t there before! Having Eleanor in the world and becoming a mom and still working—it’s humbling I get to do these things and have them at the same time.”

It may be hard work but being back in Wicked is also a full circle moment for Clarke. The actor has played the Good Witch off and on since joining the first national tour show in 2007 (joining the Broadway company in 2010), but she is viewing her current stint with the fresh eyes as a new mother. The new perspective fuels a fresh understanding of both the character and Wicked’s place in the cultural landscape.

“I believe that art and theatre does have the power to change and make a difference. It’s hugely important when girls to come see these roles and see themselves onstage.” Clarke explains. “[Girls] need to see that they can do anything. If they have the work ethic, anything is possible. I want my daughter to see that. Playing Glinda is really taxing physically and vocally, but I find the show to be rewarding and important.”

Flip through photos of Clarke’s day below:

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