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A Look at Hampstead Theatre’s Botticelli in the Fire in London

The European premiere of Jordan Tannahill’s Botticelli in the Fire began performances October 18 at the Hampstead Theatre in London. The production, directed by Blanche McIntyre, stars actor and performance artist Dickie Beau as famed painter Sandro Botticelli in an edgy re-imagining of Renaissance Italy. Hiran Abeysekera, Stefan Adegbola, Adetomiwa Edun, Louise Gold, Sirine Saba, and Howard Ward round out the cast.

Botticelli in the Fire follows playboy artist Botticelli as he works on “The Birth of Venus,” while navigating relationships both with a married woman and with “the Renaissance’s hottest young apprentice,” Leonardo da Vinci. But when a charismatic clergyman begins to target the liberal elite, Botticelli’s life, love, and art are torn apart.

Flip through photos from the production below:

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