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A Look at Raja Feather Kelly’s The KILL ONE Race at Playwrights Horizons

The KILL ONE Race, a seven-episode game-play by Raja Feather Kelly (We’re Gonna Die, Fairview, A Strange Loop) and the feath3r theory, continues through June 12 after premiering June 4.

Part-documentary, part-theatre, and part-reality TV game show, The KILL ONE Race follows seven contestants competing to be proven the most ethical—and earn the singular prize of death—over the course of seven days. The virtual production was conceived, production designed, and directed by Kelly as a commentary on reality TV’s grasp on reality.

Commissioned by Playwrights Horizons, the piece wasa filmed on the company’s mainstage, where the cast recreated a macabre game first envisioned in the fictional 1963 dystopian novel Kill One.

“On broadcast television, 15 of the top 20 highest-rated programs among the younger adult group are reality or unscripted shows. Are we aware of the negative psychological effect, the insidious impact on our behavior, or the real estate this form occupies in our moral landscape?” Kelly explained in a previous statement. “As we get more and more information from reality TV, we become more and more desirous of competition. People are willing to give up their families; they’re willing to give up their money; they’re willing to be embarrassed; what’s next? I believe that if we don’t start making fun of it and pointing a finger at it, the premise of these shows will soon be, ’who’s gonna be the first to die?’“

Kelly appears alongside Chris Bell, Alexandra Giroux, Amy Hoang, Claire Gieringer, Jamen Nanthakumar, Alexander Paris, Fana Fraser, Rio Sofia, and Lucien Zayan.

The creative team includes Laura Snow as media producer and lead editor, CJ Ferroni as director of photography, with lighting design by Tuce Yasak, set design by You-Shin Chen, music by Remy Kurs, and creative architecture by Sophie Maguire. Brandi Holt is company manager, Colm Summers serves as assistant to director, and Iliya Vidrin and Jessi Stegall in place as ethics consultants. The series is co-produced by Snow and Kelly.

The series can be streamed at TheKillOneRace.com. Episodes 1 and 2 became available June 4, followed by Episodes 3 and 4 on June 7. Episode 5 are due on June 9, Episode 6 on June 11, and Episode 7 on June 12.

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