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new musicals inc.

study. develop. produce.


new musicals inc.

study. develop. produce.



Study the craft of writing musical theatre, online or join our Writers’ Workshop.  NMI’s Academy for New Musical Theatre has supported and trained musical theatre writers for four decades, beginning as a sister workshop to the BMI Lehman Engel workshop in New York.

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Want to know more about what’s going on at NMI? Check out lots of links below for contact info, about us, rentals, subscribing to our e-newsletter, and lots more!

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The Incubator at NMI is a workshop/playground for musical theatre.  Whether you’re creating a musical from scratch — or if it’s already underway — we offer a complete process for developing a  musical. We are also developing resources for producing musicals onstage and online.

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testimonials about us from Broadway writers

jeff marxI couldn’t be more impressed with the folks at New Musicals Inc. They are dramaturgs, coaches, and teachers of the greatest, highest caliber. The feedback they’ll offer you on your work is astonishingly insightful and detailed. I was amazed to find this level of professionalism and intelligence about musical theater outside of NYC. You can take or leave, of course, anything they say, but when they critiqued a project I wrote there, I found 90% of their feedback right on the money and incredibly helpful, and the project I was working on there grew by leaps and bounds because of their input. I highly, highly recommend getting their input on your new musical projects. Their teeth are sharp as sharks’, but they don’t bite.

Jeff Marx (co-creator of Avenue Q)

hunter foster Thanks again for all of your help in the on going journey which is Clyde ‘N Bonnie : A Folktale. Your critiques are very detailed and you’ve presented us with lots of possibilities for rewrites that reflect a more, intellectual approach.  You provide a wonderful service to those up and coming writers of musical theater. There are very few places to go to learn how to write in this art form. And as you know….it ain’t easy.

Hunter Foster & Rick Crom (Clyde 'n Bonnie)

marc hollmanI recently had the pleasure of working with New Musicals Inc. on a reading of THE GROUCH’S DAUGHTER, my new musical co-written with Jack Helbig.  NMI staff member Elise Dewsberry served as both dramaturg and director, and in our years of working on this show, no one person has been as helpful to us as she was.  Prior to the reading, we received a set of notes that were as thoughtful as they were thorough.  NMI’s suggestions led to a rewrite that greatly helped me shape the show and refine its style.  I’m deeply impressed with the care and intelligence of their creative input, and would not hesitate to work with NMI again.

Mark Hollmann (Urinetown)

Steve_Cuden,_Jekyll_&_Hyde_Back_on_BroadwayIt’s incredible what these guys can do to help a new musical.  They are nurturing and supportive, and they help writers and producers conceive, develop, write, and produce dynamic, stage-worthy new musicals.  I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Steve Cuden (co-creator, Jekyll & Hyde)