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Would you do whatever Charlie asks?

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Awards at the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2018:  Pick of the FringeOutstanding Songwriting Award (ALNM);  TVolution Gold Medal Award.

One of the best Musicals I have seen at Fringe.
 - Jack Stroud

Brilliant show. Great approach to a somewhat taboo subject. Phenomenal hummable, toe tapping, memorable songs in a Manson musical, hilarious.
 - John Owen

Manson’s Girls is a chilling story made all too human through a fantastic production.
 - Lacey Pawlowicz www.haunting.net

Loved it! A thoughtful dive into the psyche of Manson’s Girls.
- Media-Geeks.com

The songwriting shines, with crafty, thought-provoking lyrics, skilled arrangements and tight harmonies
 - Carmen Balas

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Little Lamb of God

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Helter Skelter

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