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Check Out These New Re-Imagined Broadway Marquees With The Ensemblist

In celebration of Broadway during the COVID-era shutdown, photographer Rebecca J. Michelson and graphic designer Tiffany Holt continue their series giving theatre classics a contemporary twist with The Ensemblist. The artists welcomed DeMarius Copes (Mean Girls), Nina Lafarga (Frozen), Mars Rucker (Tina: The Tina Turner Musical), and Jane Bruce (Jagged Little Pill) for a photo shoot using current theatre performers to reinvent cherished Broadway musicals from the past.

“For this third round of the Re-imagined Marquees series, we really wanted to showcase popular classic shows and continue to put our spin on them,” Michelson explains. “With the help of historian Ali Sousa, we were able to find and utilize some rare marquee photos, including even using graphic design to decorate the Nederlander in the famous bright green signature wall of the Rent era.”

The photographer says young people continue to inspire her for the project. “They are seeing themselves in these photos, and that is my favorite part about being a photographer; bringing people’s dreams to life through art.”

“Inspired by the shows that have shaped us and our industry, this project has been so thrilling as it gave us the space to imagine a Broadway without limitations,” Holt adds. “During a difficult time like this, it has been so creatively and emotionally fulfilling to collaborate with other artists and celebrate the beautiful community that is at the core Broadway.”

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