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Book, music, and lyrics by Katie Brady

Fly Fly Fly is the story of a woman whose three kids suddenly all move on with their lives all at once, and the empty nest which confronts her and her husband as they contemplate the next stage of their lives.

Directed by Megan Rees, music directed by Ron Barnett, and starring Troy Armand Barboza, Carissa Kriby, Lia Peros, Ryland Shelton, and Lindsay Zana.

Book, music and lyrics by Katie Brady.

Fly Fly Fly just didn’t want to be a Zoom musical. It begged to look like it was taking place in a theatre. But we weren’t able to film in a theatre these days. So what to do, what to do? We brought in the actors, one-by-one, into our greenscreen studio, and then in post-production, we layered them into a digital set with fake curtains and Photoshop scenery. It’s a massive puzzle to edit together properly. You tell us whether we’ve pulled it off….

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Carissa Kriby

as Robin

Ryland Shelton

as Jay

Lindsay Zana

as Phoebe

Troy Armand Barboza

as Griffin

Lia Peros

as Raven