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John Glover Leads American Premiere of New Play All Our Children Beginning April 6

The new play All Our Children makes its American premiere Off-Broadway at The Sheen Center for Thought and Culture, beginning April 6 with an official opening set for April 14.

Written by Stephen Unwin, the play follows the lesser known story of children with disabilities in Nazi Germany and the Catholic Bishop who stood up for them against a horrible fate. The play earned the praise of critics during its recent run in London’s West End. Tony Award winner John Glover is set to play the Bishop with Karl Kenzler as Victor Franz, a doctor leading the clinic for disabled children.

“I was fortunate enough to be offered a role in the play, and at the time I knew nothing about the events or the man (Bishop von Galen), or that this is what had happened before the Holocaust,” said Glover. “I see it as a 21st century morality play which parallels Hitler’s rise in the ’30s and ’40s, taking over the government, with events that are happening today. The play deals with the importance of the greater good of humanity and living a good life. It’s my hope that our production will stimulate important conversation that we need to be having, and inspire people to look at what is going on around them.”

Rounding out the cast are Jennifer Dundas, Tasha Lawrence, and Sam Lilja. The production features scenic design by Lee Savage, lighting design by Scott Bolman, costume design by Tracy Christensen, and sound design by Lindsay Jones. All My Children runs through May 12.

Author: Webmaster