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Here are literally hundreds of FREE ideas, suitable for adapting for single songs, or short 10-minute musicals, one-acts, full-lengths…of every genre from spooky stories to dramas, comedies, fantasies, children’s stories, etc.

Library of Ideas

With the year 2020, there are lots of works which have just entered the public domain, and you’ll find a bunch of them here…

We just added lots of new texts:  nearly 200 plays and 400 new stories.  You’ll find works by F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Galsworthy, James Joyce, H.P. Lovecraft, James M. Barrie, Katherine Mansfield, and of course the classic writers like Mark Twain, Guy de Maupassant, etc.  But you’ll also find a treasure trove of wonderful stories by lesser known writers (we adore Susan Glaspell’s writing, and have just discovered the amazing stories of H.C. Bunner and M.R. James).

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