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Look Back at the Shows Terrence McNally Brought to Broadway

Terrence McNally, a five-time Tony Award recipient whose plays often featured explorations of contemporary gay life and a reverence for classical music, died March 24 at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Florida. He was 81.

McNally, who was the recipient of the 2019 Tony Awards’ Lifetime Achievement in the Theatre Honor, frequently explored history and the queer experience in his work. “I love it when I remember the artists who try to help us understand the devastation of AIDS even when they were stricken with it themselves. I love it when I remember theatre changes hearts. That secret place where we all truly live,” he said while accepting his Lifetime Achievement Honor at the 2019 Tony Awards. “I love my playwright years—past, present, and especially future.”

In honor of the prolific, Tony Award-winning writer, Playbill takes a look back at the shows he brought to Broadway throughout his six decade career. Read his full obituary here.

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