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Mother’s Mothers’ Day

a musical retaliation by the founder of the holiday

“Mother’s Mothers’ Day” is a one-woman musical about Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mothers’ Day, who spent the rest of her life trying to destroy the holiday because of its over-commercialization. She spent her last days in an asylum.  The music is by beloved American composer Amy Beach, with book and lyrics by Scott Guy, written as a tour-de-force for NMI’s Artistic Director Elise Dewsberry.

There are TWO works of art to enjoy here:

  1. Come see the one-and-only performance at the Hollywood Fringe Festival on June 26th at 3:00PM.
  2. Buy the album of songs which Anna’s mother (Ann Reeves Jarvis) has recorded to raise funds for New Musicals Inc.  (Note: these are 19th-century artsongs by American composer Amy Beach; this is not a cast album of the musical “Mother’s Mothers’ Day”.)

SEE the ONLY performance

MOTHER’S MOTHERS’ DAY is a musical based on Anna Jarvis - the woman who spent half her life petitioning to create Mother’s Day, and the other half fighting to get rid of it. Written by NMI Executive Director Scott Guy, and starring NMI Artistic Director Elise Dewsberry, MOTHER’S MOTHERS’ DAY is a fundraiser to benefit the developmental work of New Musicals Inc.

Sunday June 23rd at 3:00pm

Broadwater Mainstage
1076 Lillian Way, Hollywood

as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival

PURCHASE the album A Dozen Roses

12 songs by Amy Beach

sung by Elise Dewsberry as Ann Reeves Jarvis

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