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world premiere productions from New Musicals Inc.



A stablehand who wants to be a knight. A noblewoman who wants her freedom. And the monster who wants to eat them both.

GIDEON AND THE BLUNDERSNORP is a witty musical set in a medieval fantasy world. The plot concerns a stablehand and highborn noble girl teaming up to save a royal cavalier from a rampaging monster. The theme of the show is: are our futures determined by social class, or can we create our own destinies through choice and action?

Suitable for grownups, kids (6 and up), and well-behaved monsters.

A new musical from the creators of THE BULLY PROBLEM. (Encore Award Winner. Nominated for seven HFF19 awards including Best Musical, Top of the Fringe, and Fringe First.)

August, 2021 at the studio/stage theatre
as part of the 2021 Hollywood Fringe Festival 

Book, music, and lyrics: Michael Gordon Shapiro

Director/Choreographer: Matt Toronto
Music Director: Thomas Buckley
Stage Manager: Beth Wallan
Costume Design: Denise Barrett
Sound Design: Nathan Lee
Scenic and Props Design: Edward Hansen
Lighting Design: Greg Crafts

CAST: Casey Alcosar, Dan Amerman, Deborah Apodaca, Maggie Ek, Ember Everett, Emily Jones, Jenna Luck, Jeremy Staples, Tyler Stilwill, Kaylor Toronto

The critics are raving:

“The most flawless fun I’ve found at the 2021 HFF.”
- Ernest Kearny, TheTVolution.com

“The hour flies by so quickly and enjoyably that you will want to stay and see more.”
- Rob Stevens, HainesHisWay.com

“Catchy tunes and clean-cut dialogue create a musical appropriate for all fantasy lovers regardless of age.”
- Shari Barrett, Better Lemons.com

“This is the heart of it: the story is more than good, more than simply satisfying. If feels in some quite fundamental way real. A total delight.”
- David MacDowell Blue, Night Tinted Glasses





***WINNER! BEST ENSEMBLE - TVolution TVO Awards 2021***

***TVolution.com Gold Medal Winner***

Audience review highlights:

“What a FANTASTIC cast! What an energetic ensemble and fun adventure of a show! The music was great! If at all possible SEE THIS ONE LIVE!”

“An imaginative and ideal hour-long musical with which to introduce school youngsters to live theatre!”

“Love it! The characters were hilarious, the interaction with the audience was a treat and the songs were so much fun! Amazingly well crafted.”

“Truly imaginative design, way above Fringe standards; brisk and effective staging; inventive and entertaining choreography. Excellent family fair.”



THE BULLY PROBLEM is a family-friendly musical with a balance of comedy, humorously distinct characters, and a smidge of science fiction. It focuses on the subjects of bullying, intellectual virtuosity, and the importance of human connections. Fourteen-year-old tech whiz Kevin Dijkstra just wants to be left alone to build robots, but the bullies at Van Der Bort Junior High are making that tough. Things change when Kevin inherits an android that seems to needs his help as much as vice versa. Before long, Kevin is caught in the middle of a struggle between bullies and smart kids. The future of the school hangs in the balance!

June, 2019 at the Broadwater Mainstage
as part of the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival 

Book, music, and lyrics: Michael Gordon Shapiro

Director/Choreographer: Joanna Syiek
Music Director: Jennifer Linn
Stage Manager: Jenn Dupre
Assistant Stage Manager: Michael Moretta
Costume Design: Michael Mullen
Sound Design: Graydon Schlichter
Scenic and Props Design: Mitchell Webb

CAST: Adam Ballard, Melvin Biteng, Clint Blakely, Tiana Cohen, Allie Costa, James Everts, Josh Hillinger, Casey Hunter, Andrew Landecker, Malissa Marlow, Hallie Mayer, Jordan Mitchell-Love, Socks Whitmore, Frankie Zabilka

“This is definitely one of the best musicals we have ever seen at Fringe.”
- Bob Leggett, Indie Voice Blog

“Remember how you felt the first time you performed in, or even saw, your first high school or college musical? Remember that giddy excitement that sent warm shivers down your spine, instilling a feeling that told you this is how it should always be? If for some reason you’ve since lost that passionate feeling about musical theatre, then The Bully Problem will resurrect it.”
- Monique LeBleu, Better-Lemons.com

“I am delighted I checked this show out. With certainty I recommend The Bully Problem.”
- Mike Reyes, mike-check.com

“90 minutes flew by! Terrific show. Very enjoyable, with fun music and great talent and lots of energy!”

“Fantastic! This show was full of energy and exciting to watch! Beautifully written, choreographed, and executed. I loved everything about it!”


***TVolution.com Gold Medal Winner***
Top of the Fringe
Fringe First
Fringe Award for Musicals and Opera
Fight the Power Award (Chatter Productions)
No Room in the Green Room Award (MB Stage Productions)
ShoWorks Don’t Wait. Create! Award (ShoWorks Entertainment)
Standout Song Award (For The Love Of Parody Productions)

“This show was a lot of fun to watch! The energy of the show was fantastic. The actors really brought a lot of heart to their characters, and the message was relatable and full of hope. Great for kids to come see!”

“This is a must see musical! Refreshing, uplifting, and comical. Very entertaining from start to finish. I applaud the creator, the director, actors and all who took part in spreading this wonderful message.”

“This was a delightful show. Fun, well-paced, and impressively choreographed, with a good cast and and a story that clicked nicely and moved at a solid pace.”

“Loved the story line and that robot had such depth and great timing. I could totally see this coming to Broadway or Pantages.”

“Michael Shapiro’s musical is delightful and energetic. The cast is invigorated by Joanna Syiek’s precise and inventive direction and choreography. Jennifer Lin’s musical direction makes the wonderful score shine. There are many fantastic performances delivered by the cast, none more so than the work of Allie Costa and Jordan Mitchell-Love. Costa soars as both the adorkable love interest as well as the moral center of the show. Mitchell-Love’s gentle positivity and subtle humor as the artificial life form provides unexpected heart. This show has a great future.”

Hell’s Kitty

Hell’s Kitty is based on the comedy/horror internet series and Netflix movie about a Hollywood writer and his possessed pussycat. Nick, a Hollywood screenwriter, discovers his cat has become murderously possessed, and will stop at nothing to rid him of any women in his life. As his life unravels out of control, Nick must find a way to have his kitty exorcised of the demonic spirit haunting her and creating a body count!

June, 2019 at the Broadwater Mainstage
as part of the 2019 Hollywood Fringe Festival 

Book, music, and lyrics: Nicholas Tana

Composer, Music Arranger: Alexa Borden
Music Arranger: Richard Bretschneider
Director: Denis McCourt
Music Director: Ron Barnett
Choreographer: John Paul Batista
Stage Manager: Jessica Greenhoe
Costume Design: Michael Mullen
Sound Operator: Michael Moretta
Producer/Graphic Design: Denise Acosta
Dance Captain/Additional Choreography: Isabel Caxide
Cast, Elisa Janelle Alpizar, Toni Attell, Lindsay Ballif, Miss BarbieQ, Melissa Carajal, Isabel Caxide, Elizabeth Frohlich, Sawyer Fuller, Joey Hunt, Jordan Knapp, Denise Lyles-Cook, Giane Morris, Maeve Osgood, Marcello Padilla, Brian Snyder, Patrick Steward

“Walking into this show, I expected it to be weird. (I mean, it’s Fringe and it’s a comedy horror about a demon-possessed cat.) I didn’t expect it to be bonkers. It was everything I expected and so much more! Delightfully ridiculous. Deliciously obnoxious.”

“Brilliant….. Great writing, fantastic performances, executed marvelously in a chainsaw kitty catchy tune kinda way. Hilarious and witty, tons of horror refrences, and abundant laughter…. This show show should be on Broadway…”

“I went in without expectation and fully open and curious about the story line. A perfect mix of dark, childlike and twisted imagination had a great and unexpected perspective on love. Great cast with a very good sense of character – they all did a great job!”

1001 Minutes of Musical Theatre

New Musicals Inc. invaded the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival with 12 short musicals!  The Fringe musicals were short 20-minute-sized, on a wild range of subjects, from the comic to the serious, and from the traditional to the fringe-y.  They were grouped into four “productions” of three musicals each. See details for each of the productions below.

June 9 - June 22, 2019
at the Sacred Fools Theater Black Box
as part of the 2017 Hollywood Fringe Festival
Hollywood, California


A Zombie, A Dragon, and A Vampire Who Sparkles

Just another teen-angst-post-apocalyptic-fantasy-horror-in-a-role-playing-game musical love story.
Book by Maureen Borillo, Music and Lyrics by Dan Wessels
Director: Alison Eliel Kalmus
Music Director: Kevin Mathie
Stage Manager: Jerry A Blackburn
Cast: Megan Duquette, Aaron Eberhardt, Jordan Mitchell-Love, Desiree Nicole Staples

Sybil’s Closet

What’s hiding in your closet? Book and Lyrics by Grace Jasmine, Music by Ross Plotkin
Director: Warren Davis
Music Director: Kevin Mathie
Stage Manager: Jerry A Blackburn
Cast: Sandy Kaufman, Kurt Koehler, Bette Smith, Terri Baker Weiss

Kantata Koffee Kompany

There’s more to their coffee than you think…
Book & Lyrics by John Piraino, Music & Lyrics by Jerry Ranger
Director: Warren Davis
Music Director: Kevin Mathie
Stage Manager: Jerry A Blackburn
Cast: Allen Corben, Tomas Dakan, Alexandra Nicole G-Smith, Ken Patton, Caity Ware, Richard Lewis Warren


Dames, Dicks, and Butter Knives

Adventures in Noir.
Book by Bryon Richards, Music and Lyrics by Clifford J. Tasner
Director: Allison Bibicoff
Music Director: Jan Roper
Fight Choreographer: Andrew Joseph Perez
Stage Manager: Jerry A Blackburn
Cast: Lauryn Michelle Downey, Jaq Galliano, Luke Klipp, Kerr Seth Lordygan, Chelsea Pope, Graydon Schlichter

Hollywood Forever

Tinseltown teens all grown up
Book and Lyrics by Robin Share, Music and Lyrics by Ross Kalling
Director: Jessica Snow Wilson
Music Director: Jan Roper
Stage Manager: Jerry A Blackburn
Cast: Gwen Hillier, John Sparks

There’s An APP For That

Looks aren’t everything…
Book & Lyrics by John Sparks, Music & Lyrics by Ron Barnett
Director: Allison Bibicoff
Music Director: Jan Roper
Stage Manager: Jerry A Blackburn
Cast: Tristan Bailey, Elyse Bertani, Andy Goldenberg, Luke Klipp, Hayley Marshall, Suzanne Mayes, Lloyd Pedersen


The Wedding Night

Be careful what you wish for!!!
Book by Jana Hejdukova, Music by Stephen Coleman, Lyrics by Keith Dale Gordon
Director: Joshua Finkel
Music Director: Michael Sobie, Emily Cohn
Cello: Cameron Lloyd Stone
Stage Manager: Morgan Aiken
Cast: Luke David Carlsen, Jordan Darin Erickson, Katie Hume, Randle Rankin

Thanksgiving in Ithaca

The gods work in mysterious ways!
Book and Lyrics by Mitch Glaser, Music by Joe Blodgett
Director: Elise Dewsberry
Music Director: Emily Cohn
Stage Manager: Morgan Aiken
Cast: Heidi Elisabeth Appe, Amber Hurst Martin, Robert Leh, Shannon Martinous, Kila Packett, Pamela Welky Paul, Chandler Reed, Tedd Szeto


Gittel curses everyone who irritates her - and her curses come true!
Book & Lyrics by Harriet Belkin, Music by Sandy Shanin, Based on a short story by Norman Belkin
Director: Elise Dewsberry
Music Director: Emily Cohn
Stage Manager: Morgan Aiken
Cast: Toni-Lynn Chaco, Kelly Coughlin, Patrick Geringer, Orlando Perez, Lia Peros, Tedd Szeto


F**ked Up Fairy Tales

Love trumps hate in Fairy Tale Land
Book and Lyrics by Grace Jasmine, Music by David Jayden Anthony
Director: Denis McCourt
Music Director: Kevin Mathie
Stage Manager: Morgan Aiken
Cast: David Epstein, Joey Hunt, Matt JJ Miller, Michael Steven Mraz, Lia Peros, Megan Rees, Tayla Jan Schaffner, James Braxton Sherrill, Tyler Stouffer

Feet First

A musical with heart … and sole
Book by Chris Smith, Music by Ross Plotkin, Lyrics by Brad Beaver
Director: Dennis McCourt
Music Director: Kevin Mathie
Stage Manager: Morgan Aiken
Cast: Elise Dewsberry, Anthon Michael Meyer, Frankie Rodriguez, Matt Valle

Chaturbate: The Musical!

Where Broadway Gets Off!!
Book by Dan Margules, Music by David Anthony Hall, Lyrics by Chris Edgar
Director: Denis McCourt
Music Director: Kevin Mathie
Stage Manager: Morgan Aiken
Cast: Theodore Georgios Crosby, Mackayla Hill, Miatta Ade Lebile, Matt JJ Miller, Tamara Philbrick, Chandler Reed, Richard Van Slyke

Manson’s Girls

The story of the Manson Family murders, told from the perspective of the girls. With a driving, rock score and book/lyrics which explore the psyche of the girls, this story is all-too-relevant today, being a parable and warning to any of us who follows the voice of authority without stopping to question. An exciting electric fringe production from New Musicals Inc.

Book by Scott Guy, music by Ron Barnett, lyrics by Mitch Glaser.

Directed by Scott Guy with music direction from Ron Barnett and choreography by Heather Castillo. Starring: Christine Anatone, Troy Armand Barboza, Lauren Byrd, Lauran Dewey, Erinn O’Sullivan, Lia Peros, Randle Rankin, Megan Ruble, James Schueller, and Karlee Squires


May 31 - June 23, 2018

at the Broadwater Theatre

as part of the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival

Hollywood, California

“One of the best Musicals I have seen at Fringe.”

“I loved all the music and the actors were strong…enticing and scary at the same time.”

“Brilliant show. Great approach to a somewhat taboo subject… It’s written very well, music and lyrics are incredible. Hardly noticed 90 minutes flew by. .. When everyone on stage was singing together it was electrifying…Cast is top notch. Well done. I hope it goes beyond this festival.” 


***BEST MUSICAL – Tvolution***
***Nominated for BEST MUSICAL – Hollywood Fringe***
***Pick of the Fringe / Combined Art Form***
***Outstanding Song writing / A Little New Music***
**TVolution Gold Medal Award***
***100% on the Better Lemons Audience meter***

“Manson’s Girls is a chilling story made all too human through a fantastic production. Each of the women are clearly defined and instantly relatable; the actresses excel in their performances. Charles Manson’s menacing presence, while not always on stage, is apparent in each of their doting eyes. The well-rounded and beautiful score is full of thought-provoking lyrics, even the cheeky song-and-dance number “Help Yourself.” The production is an absolutely fascinating and remarkable exploration into what it means to lose one’s identity in someone else.”   


August 1 - August 31st. 2014

at the Noho Arts Center

11136 Magnolia Blvd.

North Hollywood, California  91601

The Max Factor Factor

Two huge movie studios. Two of Americas brightest stars. One big secret. What they had to do to keep ‘Hollywood Confidential’ in 1936.

The Max Factor Factor. Who knew the celluloid closet could become this crowded?

The Max Factor Factor, NMI’s third full world premiere production, was workshopped at NMI from its very earliest days, when it was only an idea in the minds of the producers at the Celebration Theatre, through the enthusiastic and thorough first draft, to the heart-stopping, spontaneous performance during Stages Musical Theatre Festival in 2013, to its world premiere production at the NoHo Arts Center in August of 2014.


Book by Adrian Bewley, music by Joe Blodgett, and lyrics by Chana Wise.

produced in association with Celebration Theatre


Alex Boling
Jordan Kai Burnett*
Jeff Scot Carey*
Everjohn Feliciano
Jessica Howell*
Kevin McIntyre
Kevin Michael Moran*
Heather Olt*
Stefan Rich*
Trevor Shor
Jeffrey Christopher Todd*
Jessica Snow Wilson*

Directed by Michael A. Shepperd
Musical Director: Bryan Blaskie
Stage Manager: Marcedes Clanton
Scenic Designer: Carlo Maghirang
Lighting Designer: Matthew Brian Denman
Costume Designer: Daniel Mahler
Sound Designer: Rebecca Kessin
Properties Designer: Michael O’Hara
Assistant Director: Andreas Pantazis
Assistant Scenic Designer: Taylor Anderson
Assistant Stage Manager: Matthew Noah
Casting Director: Jami Rudofsky
Graphics Designer: Michelle Ingram-Delong
Marketing Manager: Kevin YeeTechnical Director: Matthew Muranaga
Scenic Carpenter: Glen Howes

“Blodgett and Wise give us one catchy tune and clever lyric after another…” “director Michael A. Shepperd’s [direction is] inspired…” “an all-around sensational cast…bring the colorful cast of characters to vivid, vibrant life” “The stellar duo of Carey and Todd give Lance and Hoyt a just-right blend of charisma and charm…” “the entire cast deliver[s] powerhouse vocals…The Max Factor Factor sounds fantastic, and it looks pretty darned fabulous as well thanks to Matthew Brian Denman’s expert lighting, Daniel Mahler’s gorgeous 1930s costumes, Carlo Maghirang’s spiffy art deco set, and Michael O’Hara’s spot-on properties…”

- Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA

“A frothy farcical mixture of frivolity features some fine phenomenal performances” “The Max Factor Factor boasts precision dancing and gorgeous harmonies amidst well-timed madcap shtick.”

- Gil Kaan, Broadway World

“.. a seriously funny musical…as with any great comic tale, it deals with subjects of real importance and holds a mirror to the world. The Max Factor Factor is a great night out, fun, memorable songs, great performances and unique characters, I thoroughly recommend it!” ” The songs are great …the costumes are wonderful …the choreography is fun, well executed and visually inspiring… Lance Grant [is] played brilliantly by Jeff Scot Carey; Jessica Howell is …a perfect, wise cracking, comic foil … Heather Olt is astounding … Clara is played with hilarious, drunken abandon by Jessica Snow Wilson …Jeffrey Christopher Todd’s Hoyt Baxter is a nervous, slender and slightly lost Tyrone Power, the perfect pairing for Lance…Jordan Kai Burnett is stellar as Eva Gallagher …the studio heads are well played by Kevin McIntyre and Kevin Michael Moran…Johnny Strong is perfectly played by Stefan Rich …the ‘chorus’ of lovelies [Trevor Shor, Everjohn Feliciano, and Alex Boling] is beyond reproach…”

- Samantha Ronceros, NoHo Arts District

“A superb cast leads the way to great fun and plenty of laughs in the World Premiere of MAX FACTOR FACTOR. The music (Joe Blodgett) and lyrics (Chana Wise) are award winning in our book. This musical comedy, set in Hollywood’s golden age and directed by Michael Shepperd, is one of our FEATURED events. GO!”

- Performing Arts LIVE

“THE MAX FACTOR FACTOR [is] a bright and cheerful musical romp …” “Palmer Davis choreographs a tight musical that never lets its humor and charisma down.” “THE MAX FACTOR FACTOR is one of the most (if not the most) original musicals ever to hit the local stage scene … Who says they don’t make ‘em like they used to?”

- Accessibly Live Off Line

A Ring in Brooklyn

NMI’s second world premiere production took place in July of 2012 with a six-week run of A Ring in Brooklyn at the NoHo Arts Center in North Hollywood.  The show was produced in association with Venture Hill Entertainment.

The piece began as part of the Core Curriculum at ANMT, and was showcased as a 15 Minute Musical entitled “The Ring” at the Colony Theatre (Burbank) in June of 2009.  It caught the eye of LA director Cate Caplin, who, along with the Victory Theatre, sponsored the expansion into a full-length musical which received two well-received staged readings in July 2011, the first performed at the Victory Theatre and the second at the 2011 Stages Festival hosted by NMI.

Creative Team:

Book and lyrics by Eric Dodson, music by Alan Ross Fleishman.

Cast: Jordan Kai Burnett, Johnny Cannizzaro, Anna Hanson, Mike Irizarry, Mark Shunock, Matt Valle, and Gabrielle Wagner

Director/Choreographer: Joshua Finkel
Stage Manager: Vanessa Nelson
Costume Designer: Kim Overton
Scenic Designer: Michael Hoffman
Lighting Designer: Coby Chasman Beck
Sound Designer: Alex Robert Holmes
ASM/Props: Storie Blake

Music Director: Ross Kalling
Keyboard: Bryan Blaskie
Drums: Michael L. Solomon

Executive Producer: Scott Guy
Producer: Kevin Meoak
Dramaturg: Elise Dewsberry


July 28th- September 2. 2012

@ The Noho Arts Center
North Hollywood, California

StageSceneLA’s Steven Stanley gives the show a “WOW”

“A Ring in Brooklyn …turns out a winner.”
“…you may find yourself as this reviewer did in the palm of its bejeweled hand.”
“A Ring In Brooklyn really catches fire [with] a musical number so original and powerful that it elevates A Ring In Brooklyn to a whole new level. … quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.”
“Fleishmann’s music and Dodson’s lyrics get catchier and catchier …Finkel and company making the very most of each song’s potential [with his] inspired choreography.”
“Musical director Ross Källing does bang-up work … “
“A Ring In Brooklyn stands a good chance of a life beyond its current engagement. One thing is certain. Its book and song writers could not have found a better team to bring their vision to life than the onstage and behind-the-scenes team behind this very promising world premiere.”

Steven Stanley, StageSceneLA.com

“ …a happy miracle”
“…an evening of unexpectedly poignant entertainment…”
“… an unabashedly commercial work …it could have a shot at breaking through.”
“…surprising and satisfying…”
“ Dodson’s dialogue and lyrics show real sensitivity…”
“The Academy for New Musical Theatre has a lot to be proud of here”

Samuel Bernstein, StageAndCinema.com

“…razor-sharp script by playwright-lyricist Eric Dodson and composer Alan Ross Fleishman”
“Jordan Kai Burnett spins gold with the role of Gina’s best friend, the quintessential Brooklyn single girl.”
…”Burnett and Wagner’s chemistry is utterly believable and riotously funny. In particular, their second act closer, “So Not Seventeen,” in which they are joined in the ladies’ room by Anna Hanson in a delicious turn as the class slut, is a showstopper as the trio catfights its way through Dodson’s wickedly ingenious lyrics.”

Dink O'Neal, ArtsInLA.com


July 16th- August 22nd. 2010

@ The Noho Arts Center
North Hollywood, California

40 IS THE NEW 15

NMI’s first full world premiere production took place in the summer of 2010.

40 Is The New 15 was developed as part of the ANMT Full Length Curriculum program in the 2007-08 season, was a STAGES 2008 Finalist, was part of the 2007-08 ANMT Concert Reading Series, received a developmental production at the Secret Rose Theatre in the summer of 2009 (GLAAD Media Award Finalist), was selected by Stephen Schwartz for the 2010 Disney/ASCAP Musical Theatre Workshop, and received a world premiere production at the NoHo Arts Center in the summer of 2010.

Creative Team:

Book and Lyrics by Larry Todd Johnson, music by Cindy O’Connor

Cast: John Allsopp, Karole Foreman, Tod Macofsky, Dana Meller, Craig Woolson
Second Cast: Kevin Noonchester, Lindsey Mixon, Gretchen Weiss, Patrick Foley, Ed Martin

Director: Michele Spears
Stage Managers: Lara Nall, Ernie Fimbres
Assistant Stage Manager: David Nyets
Scenic and Lighting Designer: Kevin Traxler
Set Construction:  Erwin Lutz, David Traxler, Kevin Traxler
Lighting Designer & Programming: Jeff Barton
Sound Operator: Jesse Jones
Costume Design: Suzan Meier
Producer: Scott Guy

Music Director: Cindy O’Connor
Bass: Will Mack
Drums: Bob Marino
Guitar: Jennifer Paro


“tuneful, clever songs, (and) engrossing storyline,”

“sweetly entertaining,” and “something to sing about.”

“Whether you are 40 or 15 or whatever, this is a highly recommended, amusing, enlightening musical…”

“L.A. theatergoers in search of that rare entity–an original new musical that works–have one in 40 Is The New 15.”

“Johnson and O’Connor’s characters are immensely appealing and their situations speak to us all, regardless of whether your specific circumstances are the same or not. Without a doubt, you will find yourself here. The songs are fresh and memorable, with haunting melodies and hysterical lyrics”

Wondering whether we would consider YOUR musical for production?

Presumably you’re looking for producers for your musical.  It wouldn’t be fair to you to lead you on by saying that it’s very likely we’ll produce your show. As you can imagine, we have a bunch we are championing ourselves. More likely, we can help you develop your show through readings, workshops or concerts. That’s our specialty. The best way for us to get to know your show is for you to submit it to our annual ‘Search for New Musicals,’ which allows us the opportunity to workshop musicals which have been created outside of our own community. Every musical entered into the Search receives comprehensive feedback, and is automatically considered for further development at NMI. If you’d like to read more about the Search and its deadlines, please visit our Search page.