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Over 70 Theatre Makers Tapped for ‘Becoming Broadway’ Open House for Students and Young Professionals

Live entertainment marketing agency Situation Interactive and The Mayor’s Office of Media Entertainment will present another ‘Becoming Broadway: An Introduction to a Career in Theatre” open house December 6.

The free virtual event, designed for college students, recent graduates, and aspiring young professionals, will begin streaming at 11 AM. The numerous panels will include producers, stage managers, technical directors, sound designers, physical therapists, makeup artists, merchandise managers, lawyers, accountants, playwrights, choreographers, talent agents, and more.

Many panelists and speakers previously took part in the October 28 edition of the event, including Alex Lacamoire, Sammi Cannold, and Jill Abramovitz. The December lineup also features Charl Brown, Tom Viola, Eva Price, and many more.

Elie Landau serves as the executive producer for the event, which is supported by the City University of New York and the State University of New York. Click here to register; see below for the full list of speakers.

  • Abbey O’Brien
  • Adriana Grace
  • Alex Lacamoire
  • Alyssa Eilbott
  • Ashley Bishop
  • Ben Heller
  • Brad Alexander
  • Bridget Mills
  • Charl Brown
  • Cheryl Thomas
  • Chris Cronin
  • Claire Wojciechowski
  • Dan Coey
  • Dani Barlow
  • David “Pfish” Terry
  • Debra Barsha
  • Donna Langman
  • Eric Brown
  • Eric Cornell
  • Eva Price
  • Gene O’Donovan
  • Gregg Arst
  • Janine Beach
  • Jermaine Hill
  • Jessie Rosso
  • Jill Abramovitz
  • Jillian Oliver
  • Josh Marquette
  • Julianne Merrill
  • Kat Hargrave
  • Katie Pope
  • Kevin Murphy
  • Kristin Gardner
  • lark hackshaw
  • Lauren Gunderson
  • Lauren Stamm
  • Libby Parker
  • Lisa Dawn Cave
  • Lisa Gajda
  • Lizzie Stern
  • Maan Singh Tinna
  • Macy Schmidt
  • Maegan Morris
  • Mark Fisher
  • Marti McIntosh
  • Melia Bensussen
  • Meredith Blair
  • Michele Groner
  • Noah Sprock
  • Peter Shoemaker
  • Phaedra Scott
  • Phillip Hughes
  • Rick Sordelet
  • Rita Marie Pelosi
  • Rocío Mendez
  • Rona Siddiqui
  • Ryanne Tanae Glasper
  • Sammi Cannold
  • Sam Strum
  • Sarah Galbraith
  • Sarah Laux
  • Thom Clay
  • Tom Viola
  • Tori Ujczo
  • Twi McCallum
  • Valerie Lau-Kee
  • Vanessa Javier
  • Victor Vazquez
  • Victoria Bailey
  • Wilson Chin
  • Zak Borovay
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