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PITCH Boot Camp

Welcome to the PITCH Boot Camp!  Here’s how to get started:

Download two documents:  1) Syllabus and Assignments; and 2) Definitions and Examples.

Then watch the video, which will give you a warm and hearty welcome from me, Scott Guy.  I’ll talk you through the general plan of the Pitch Boot Camp, explain several of the terms you’ll want to know, and walk you through the Syllabus.

At the end of the introductory session, you’ll find an assignment, which consists of uploading a bunch of documents.  Once they’re uploaded, shoot me an email at admin@nmi.org, and we’ll set up our first one-on-one session.  Once we have a time set, I’ll send you access instructions for the meeting, and we’ll go over the first session’s assignments and plot out the rest of the Boot Camp schedule together.

Any questions — email admin@nmi.org

See you soon!