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Activities and Programs
to be held at 5628 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood

New Musicals Inc (NMI) just received a grant from the Ahmanson Foundation to upgrade its facilities in North Hollywood, and we’d love to invite you to be part of our next phase!  We invite you to submit a proposal for your activities and programming.  These might include:

  • acting/singing classes
  • video shoots
  • rehearsals
  • services
  • readings
  • casual gatherings
  • recitals
  • open mic
  • improv
  • or anything else you can dream up

We’re flexible.  Your proposal doesn’t have to be directly related to musical theatre; it could be theatre, comedy, music, video, education, or social.  It could be a single event, or once-a-week, or a few weeks, or ongoing.  We’re likely to favor regularly-scheduled events, and ones which have a musical or theatre component, but pitch us anything!  We’re flexible.

Our rates for the general public are $50/hour weekdays, $75/hour weeknights…but make us an offer.  Bulk discounts?  No need for equipment?  Off-peak hours when the space would otherwise be empty?  Maybe we know you or can get to know you over time, and we don’t need to include a supervisor fee.

Photos and specs:  https://nmi.org/about-us/#rentals

We have lot of equipment which we don’t normally rent to the public, but for this Request for Proposals, we’re open to discussing giving you access to our equipment; just build your tech requests into your proposal, and we’ll talk.

Facilities and equipment

Including the new upgrade from the Ahmanson Foundation:

  • Front Studio (11’x18.5′)
  • Main Hall (40’x24′) with one 20’x8′ platform
  • Common/Reception Area (12’x27′)
  • 75 comfortable banquet chairs
  • acoustic upright piano
  • folding tables (Home Depot)
  • two unisex non-ADA bathrooms
  • up to five cameras; including two 4K
  • AV/Video switching console (up to 6 cameras and 12 microphones)
  • Live streamcast capability
  • Modest LED lightboard and four banks of LED lights
  • greenscreen wall (20’x12′)
  • 55″ TV monitor
  • rolling tech cart with mixer, AV/video switcher, and superfast computer
  • sound-deadening curtains
  • microphones, speakers, cables, stands
  • tables, chairs, music stands
  • black cube rehearsal furniture
  • software: Adobe Creative Cloud, DaVinci Resolve, OBS, Reaper, Office, etc.

What we don’t have:

  • parking (though it’s not terrible in our neighborhood; free residential street parking)
  • ADA access
  • backstage areas
  • storage
  • marketing support or staff for your events

To begin a discussion, fill out and submit our Proposal Form below.