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Second Stage Theater’s 53% Of Finishes Off-Broadway Run July 10

Off-Broadway News Second Stage Theater’s 53% Of Finishes Off-Broadway Run July 10

The new work by Steph Del Rosso explores the 53% of white women who voted for the 45th president.

Grace Rex, Cathryn Wake, Marianna McClellan, and Anna Crivelli Joan Marcus

Second Stage Theater’s 53% Of completes its Off-Broadway run at the McGinn/Cazale Theater July 10. The production officially opened June 28 and began its run June 14.

Written by Steph Del Rosso and directed by Tiffany Nichole Greene, the work centers on a group of women in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, preparing for a presidential visit and a group of 20-something white women in Brooklyn gathering to plan a revolution.

“In 2016, 53% of white women voted for our 45th president, a statistic that became an obsession for me,” shared Del Rosso in an earlier statement. “This play is my attempt to find a frank, dark, and funny way to talk about white women—the ones who voted for him and the ones who didn’t.”

Appearing in the cast are Anna Crivelli, Eden Malyn, Marianna McClellan, Grace Rex, Cathryn Wake, and Ayana Workman.

Greene leads a creative team that includes scenic designer Emmie Finckel, costume designer Lux Haac, lighting designer Mextly Couzin, sound designer and composer Jane Shaw, and dramaturg Christine Scarfuto. The production is cast by Karyn Casl of The Telsey Office.

For more information, visit 2st.com.

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