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Inspired By WICKED to learn more about musical theater?

You’re in luck!

Here at New Musicals Inc, we have a ton of resources for WICKED lovers looking to defy the gravity of the current musical theater space.

Check out our resources below, and if you really like what you see keep an eye out for registration for our CORE program, where we take you on an intensive journey to write, compose, cast and bring musicals to life.

So who exactly is NMI?

Alumni of New Musicals Inc include Emmy-award winning writers, nationally-produced playwrights and lyricists, film composers with major studio scoring credits including Pacific Rim, Safe House, Wreck It Ralph, Abraham Lincoln:Vampire Hunter, The Hobbit, Godzilla, Life of Pi, X-men First Class, Clash of the Titans, and more.   For television:  Game of Thrones, Person of Interest, Flash Forward, Once Upon a Time, and arrangements for artists such as: Amy Winehouse, Cee-lo, Nelly Furtado, Usher, Big Sean, Jennifer Husdon, as well as independent studios, video games, commercials, etc.  We are actively developing musicals for a network of over 40 producing theatres across the country, creating new works across the spectrum of entertainment, from family musicals, to edgy urban musicals, to commercial Broadway-bound musicals.


Find out all the basics you need to know about writing and developing musicals with our curated textbooks. These textbooks were written and authored by NMI's seasoned staff who you can learn more about on our about page of the website.


Our Musical Theatre Craft Labs pride themselves on being professional, engaging online classes in writing music, book and lyrics. 

Structured much like online college courses, each of the online Craft Labs is broken down into multiple units.

Within each unit contains videos, handouts, exercises, tests, and assignments.

And each assignment is personally evaluated by a live evaluator so you get personalized feedback on your progress every step of the way.


In our 9 MONTH INTENSIVE, musical theatre writing program you will find your roadmap to becoming a proficient musical theatre writer.

We pride ourselves on collaboration with other artists, giving you feedback from experts and allowing you to see your musical staged live in Los Angeles.

Check out the link above to learn more about CORE and why if you're looking to get into musical theater, there's no time like the present.


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