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The Daily Distraction: Celebrate Shakespeare’s Birthday With Hamlet 2 and Sexy Jesus

These are frightening times, and we all must take necessary precautions as we social distance and self-isolate. That being said, you deserve a break every now and then. Welcome to Playbill’s Daily Distraction.

Day 38: Just as Shakespeare Intended!

Though there’s no clear record of William Shakespeare’s actual birthday, historians conjecture the Bard was born April 23, 1564. He died 52 years later to the day, and though there’s no clear record of his incomplete works at the time of his death, historians are fairly certain they didn’t include a sequel to Hamlet featuring a time-traveling Jesus Christ with washboard abs.

But that doesn’t stop the characters of Hamlet 2, the irreverent 2008 musical comedy in which a drama teacher (played by Steve Coogan) sets out to save his school’s theatre program by creating and producing an anachronistic, flippant, and glorious sequel to the Bard’s tragedy.

Watch the cast—including Spring Awakening alums Skylar Astin and Phoebe Strole—perform the show-stopping “Rock Me, Sexy Jesus” above. There’s some adult language, sexualization of the Messiah, and mild homophobia.

As one parent in the movie says, “I’m simultaneously horrified—and fascinated.”

Happy birthday, Will.

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