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The Shubert Organization and Stellar Join Forces on Digital Live Entertainment

The two companies are partnering to strengthen the accessibility of live theatre on a global scale.

The Shubert Organization and Stellar, the full-service live-stream partner for professional live entertainment organizers, have joined forces to strengthen the accessibility of live theatre—on Broadway and beyond—on a global scale.

The partnership will allow the continued integration of in-person entertainment streamed live to a global audience. The Shubert Organization has already started offering Stellar content through Telecharge, connecting audiences to virtual theatre and Broadway-related content. Stellar and their organizers will now be able to access the Shuberts’ suite of resources, including marketing, venue rentals, and more.

“The Shuberts have been a leader in theatre for a century. They’re taking digital live theatre seriously because they want to extend that leadership for another century,” says Stellar CEO Jim McCarthy. “We’re very happy to get the chance to combine our expertise in this new medium with their ability to bring great theatre to the world.”

“As the role of streaming in theatrical IP continues to evolve, we are excited to partner with Stellar in realizing these new opportunities for shows and other live entertainment projects,” adds Shubert Organization Executive Vice President Charles Flateman.

Stellar was created in October 2020 in response to the global pandemic by the Goldstar leadership team. Stellar has since live-streamed more than 5,000 performances to six continents.

The Shubert Organization is America’s oldest professional theatre company and the largest theatre owner on Broadway. Under the leadership of Chairman and CEO Robert E. Wankel, the company currently owns and operates 17 Broadway theatres, six Off-Broadway venues, and the Forrest Theatre in Philadelphia. Visit Shubert.nyc.

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