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Watch Singer Donovan Wow the America’s Got Talent Judges With His Performance of ‘Think of Me’

“How does he do that?” whispered Sofía Vergara to fellow judge Simon Cowell during Donovan Hoffer’s America’s Got Talent audition. “I don’t know,” replied Cowell.

The popular TikTok-er awed the audience (and host Terry Crews) with his performance of “Think of Me” from The Phantom of the Opera. After a standing ovation from all four judges—Vergara and Cowell, along with Howie Mandell and Heidi Klum—Donovan was advanced to the next round of the NBC competition.

“So, what’s the dream, Donovan?” asked Cowell. “The dream is to be a Broadway performer,” Donovan answered. Oh, Mr. Producer, check out the video above.

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