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Performers’ Workshop Feedback: The Chow and Bow Broadway Buffet

Hi Everyone:

Performers’ Workshop creator Joshua Finkel here. Here is some wonderful candid footage from the recent historic evening at the ANMT Performers’ Workshop, where for the first time all THREE levels of the workshop performed under the same roof to ANMT writers, Industry members, family and friends. The Fall Showcase and Potluck for the Performers’ Workshop–The Chow and Bow Broadway Buffet held on Wednesday November 12 was a smash! Members from Adult Level 1, Adult Advanced Level 2 and the new PW Teen level strutted their stuff to a packed house. Listen to the wonderful words and feelings of both performers and audience alike. Full evening’s show video is forthcoming! Don’t miss the NEXT showcase of the Performers’ Workshop at the M Bar in Hollywood on Wednesday February 25 at 8 p.m. where members of the Cabaret and Specialty Material Class will perform the 8 minute cabaret set they create themselves over the winter session! Further info: http://www.anmt.org/arc/pwdefault.asp


Joshua Finkel

The ANMT Performers’ Workshop

Creative Combustion Acting Studio (http://www.ccactingstudio.com/)