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"For Richer, For Poorer": Four 15-Minute Musicals

It’s that time again! Time for our annual “15 Minute Musicals”, a highly-anticipated event where the participants of our Core Curriculum get to showcase their work (and the rest of the curious community comes out to see the new talent!).

This season there will be four 15-minute musicals, featuring the same cast of five actors. The writers have been given a theme of “For Richer, For Poorer”, and have cooked up four wildly different approaches to this theme: an outrageous family squabble over a cookie dough recipe; a porn movie with a G-rated director at the helm; Hansel and Gretel all grown up but delusional that the Witch is still out to eat ’em; and three exotic plants singing for their lives.

The four shows presented each evening (June 28 and 29) are:

  • “Dough!”, with book by Sarah Hernandez, music by Clifford J. Tasner, and lyrics by Ron Ovadia.
  • “Shoot Ma!”, with book by Joe Moe, music by Ryan Luevano, and lyrics by Richard Hefner
  • “Witch Is It?”, with book by Maureen Borillo, music by Matthew Levine, and lyrics by Richard Castle
  • “Green Thumb”, with book by Joan Enguita, music by Nancy Gitlin, and lyrics by Joan Enguita and Karrie Vach

Starring: Sonia Alcazar, Patrick Foley, Barry O’Neil, Emily Kimmel Plotkin, and Gabrielle Wagner.

The four musicals are directed by John Sparks, with music direction by Jake Anthony.

Tickets are $25; the performances begin at 7:30pm. For tickets, reservations and more info: www.anmt.org !

38 Days of Musicals This Summer!

This summer from July 16 through August 22nd, the Academy for New Musical Theatre is producing six weeks of new musicals, seven days a week: productions, workshops, concerts, lectures, seminars, two conferences on the business of musical theatre (one for actors, one for writers), as well as offering several dozen courses in the craft of writing or acting or producing musical theatre. Check out the video below for more information! If you want to buy tickets, please visit: http://www.anmt.org/summer2010.asp.