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Lyric Lab – Online!

I launched the summer Lyric Lab and Advanced Lyric Lab today…and for the first time in summer Boot Camp history, the lyric labs are all 100% online! Since lyricists who wanted to take the Lyric Lab this summer live all over California (including the Bay Area and down near San Diego), and gas prices are so out of control, I thought it made more sense this summer to make everything available online: the 40 videos, all the interactive tests, the handouts…and even my one-on-one feedback.

The summer’s lucky lyricists are going to get my feedback via mp3 — so instead of getting feedback in a weekly group meeting, I’m going to give individual feedback, one-on-one, just like I do on writingmusicaltheatre.com. I think we’re all going to enjoy that. (Plus, we’ll save on the gas.)


(a random screen shot from the Lyric Lab)