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Acting 101 for Writers

Instructor: Catie O’Donnell Heckel
Course Type: ONLINE and IN-PERSON
Maximum of 10 participants

Class: Acting 101 for writers, how to act a song using only the words (no music), aka “monologuing” a song. 

Objective: Writers who have never been an actor can use this as an opportunity to learn how to be “directed” on how to monologue a song. 

This class is designed for writers who who want to experience the way an actor works with a director when working on a song. Writers will have the opportunity to see their work from the other side of the page when a solo song they have written is directed and acted out. Writers will also get the opportunity to get “on stage” and be directed in the art of acting out a song as a monologue - a common technique used by actors and directors to stage a song, and to get to the heart of the acting of the song. 

Participants will each bring a printed version of the lyrics to a song they have written, and will then trade songs with other participants. Each person will then get the chance to work one on one with the director to act through a song - looking at the beats, the story and the emotions depicted in the words. There are no costumes, props or musicians needed, this is only an actor, a writer, a director, and a stage (or a Zoom window).

A great opportunity to hear how your words would be approached by a creative team in production.


Sunday, March 3 (in person) from 2pm to 6pm PST and Saturday, March 9 (via Zoom)  from 10am to 2pm PST / $50 per person