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Extension Courses 2024

for creators, developers, producers, and lovers of musical theatre

Enrich your understanding of musical theater development, analysis, or production with these short-form courses from the Academy for New Musical Theater. Designed to accommodate the busy schedules of students or working adults, each is bite-sized and focuses on a single aspect or area of musical theater. All offerings are available online, and several have in-person attendance options for those in the L.A. area.

Our first lineup, detailed below, includes programs for lyricists, bookwriters, composers, and more - as well as a return of our popular PITCH Conference. Accelerate your musical theater journey with insights from seasoned professionals!

About us: For over half a century, the Academy for New Musical Theatre (the curriculum branch of New Musicals Inc.) has been providing intensive training and guidance in writing for musical theatre. Find out more about New Musicals Inc.


Pitch Your Musical!

Instructors: Scott Guy/Elise Dewsberry/plus Industry Professionals TBA
Course Type: ONLINE

Step into the future of pitching with Pitch Conference 2024! Connect virtually with writers and producers worldwide for a dynamic weekend of writing, honing, and practicing your pitch with expert guidance from NMI Staff and our industry professionals. In the week that follows, secure two personalized virtual meetings with multiple producers. Take the stage one-on-one, pitch directly to industry professionals, and make your mark in the global creative landscape.

April 19-26 / $225 per team ($195 Early Registration)

A Crash Course in Writing Musicals

Instructor: Scott Guy
Course Type: ONLINE

Don’t have two years to spend studying the craft of writing musical theatre? Want to get writing right away? This Crash Course walks you through the entire process of creating your musical from start to finish, in a single weekend! 

Saturday, March 23 (10am to 4pm PST) and Sunday, March 24 (12pm to 4pm PST) / $395 per team

Your Lyrics: Analysis and Feedback 

Instructor: LT Cousineau
Course Type: ONLINE

Have song lyrics in progress that you love artistically, but are unsure about dramaturgically? Award-winning lyricist and NMI Lyric Lab instructor LT Cousineau will provide analysis and constructive feedback on your in-progress or completed song lyrics. Feedback includes overall assessment of the clarity of storytelling, the character’s voice, and the placement of the song in a larger work, as well as a detailed assessment of the song’s structure, progression, prosody, and rhyme

$60 per song / 10 songs for $500

FREE offerings from NMI/ANMT

NMI Artistic Director Elise Dewsberry has been publishing the free monthly vlog “How to Get No Feedback from Elise” for over seven years. Check out this playlist of advice for musical theatre creators.

Intro to Dorico for Musical Theatre - FREE

In this recorded seminar, John Barron of Steinberg’s Dorico team gave a beginner-friendly introduction to Dorico, then demonstrated its application to musical theater. Perfect for those curious about Dorico, or Dorico users who’d like to enrich their expertise. (Ownership of Dorico is not required for the seminar.)

New Musicals Inc. offers a whole series of professional online LABS for bookwriters, lyricists, and composers who are serious about improving their craft. This video is a FREE sample of one of the lecture videos from the all new Lyric Lab 1 - Fundamentals.

Other offerings from NMI/ANMT


The Academy for New Musical Theatre also offers a year-long collaborative musical theater curriculum, self-paced online courses, a comprehensive textbook on musical theater development, and more!

Core Curriculum

Instructor: Elise Dewsberry
Course Type: HYBRID

The infamous collaborative program from New Musicals Inc. that culminates in the production of your 15 Minute Musicals.

Find out more on NMI’s CORE CURRICULUM page

Craft Labs

Book Lab, Lyric Lab, Music Lab

Take these labs on your schedule. These are the required courses for the Core Curriculum, offered by our sister-site, WritingMusicalTheatre.com.

For more info, visit WritingMuscialTheatre.com

Textbooks on Writing Musicals

Author: Scott Guy

Twenty years in the making, at last, ANMT’s famous courses, now in book form! Elevate your skills with “A Crash Course in Musical Theatre”, “The Craft of Writing Musicals”, “The Business of Musical Theatre”, and “The Musical Theatre Writer’s Toolbox” - your complete resources for mastering the craft of musical theatre.



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