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Intro to Dorico for Musical Theatre

Instructor: John Barron
Course Type: ONLINE

Steinberg’s Dorico is the newest of the major notation software packages, and offers innovative new approaches to creating and managing music notation. The “Dorico way” of doing things can feel complex or counterintuitive at first, but rewards the with user with powerful flexibility and a reassuring sense of control. Dorico is especially well-suited for complex notation projects — including musical theater!

In this free seminar, John Barron of Steinberg’s Dorico team gives a beginner-friendly introduction to Dorico, then demonstrates its application to musical theater. An extended Q&A invites attendees to ask any and everything about the software. Perfect for those curious about Dorico, or Dorico users who’d like to enrich their expertise. (Ownership of Dorico is not required for the seminar.)

Saturday, March 16 / 10am to 12pm PST / FREE