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Outline to Rough Draft

Instructor: John Sparks
Course Type: ONLINE
Maximum of 8 participants/teams

Writing teams of two or more people (no single-author musical theatre projects) will be involved in this eight–week immersive on-line experience designed to leave each team with a rough draft of a new musical.  The first two weeks consist of detailed analysis and discussion of the characters, plots, and themes of the proposed shows as defined in a detailed outline.  Each subsequent week requires the submission of 10 – 20 pages of dialogue, culminating in a rough draft of the book.  Composers and lyricist must be involved in the discussions and should not write music or lyrics until after the scenes have been written and discussed – meaning that the score will lag behind the script by at least one week.

Each team should create at least a sketchy outline of the proposed work prior to the first session.  At a minimum, the outline must clearly state the beginning, middle and end of the story, identifying the central character and important supporting characters, and have the general agreement of the writing team.  There should also be a brief discussion of the planned style of the show (rock opera, contemporary musical, etc.) with notes on the musical genre(s) in mind. The outline SHOULD NOT YET attempt to title or otherwise identify any songs the team plans. 

All team members must attend every session.  One enrollment fee covers the whole team regardless of the number of writers on the project.

There will be a follow-up session to include an on-line table reading of the completed draft sometime in April or May (to be scheduled based on participant availability).


8 Saturdays - Mar 2 - Apr 20 (plus ad hoc reading sessions) / 10am to 1pm PST / $295 per team