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Storytelling / Outlining: The Basics

Instructor: Elise Dewsberry
Course Type: HYBRID
Maximum of 15 participants/teams

An outline is an invaluable writer’s tool for clarifying the structure and story arc of a musical’s story. The outline serves as a blueprint for the collaboration team, giving them a game plan for their enormous creative undertaking. Writers who skip this important step in the development process often find themselves bogged down with a partially written show that does not compellingly deliver the intentions of the creative team.

This course will teach the basic six steps to creating a musical’s outline. During this four hour seminar, participants will learn the basics of the six-step outline process, write an outline for a 10-15 minute musical, then receive specific feedback on their work.


Saturday, March 16 / 2pm to 6pm PST / $95 per team

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