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2009 15 Minute Musicals


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THE PROMISE AND THE PRICE: Seven brand new 15 minute musicals written by the 2009 writers of the Core Curriculum at the Academy for New Musical Theatre, and presented at the Colony Theatre in Burbank, California on June 22-25, 2009.

The writers for the 2009 15 Minute Musicals were:
Peter Alexander, Scotty Arnold, Edward Auslender, Adrian Bewley, Joseph Blodgett, Eric Dodson, Paul Elliott, Narda Fargotstein, Jerry T. Fernandez, Alan Ross Fleishman, Larry Gene Fortin, Mitchell Glaser, Michael Greenspun, Glenn Johnson, Larry Todd Johnson, Frank Mula, and Clifford J. Tasner
The creative team was: Scott Guy, Andrea Press, and Elise Dewsberry (Directors): Jake Anthony (Music Director); Rita Cofield (Stage Manager); and the cast was: Megan Crockett, Carolyn Freeman Champ, Kellan Christopher, Tara Hunnewell, Sylvin Jansen, Kelly Lester, Paul Marchegiani, Kevin Noonchester, Dana Shaw, and Heather Stewart

Each season, the Core Curriculum participants are given a set of parameters before beginning work on their 15-Minute Musicals. Here are the parameters for the 2009 15-Minute Musicals.

THEME: The Promise and the Price: seven short musicals about heroes and traitors

COMMON DIALOGUE: Each 15-minute musical was required to contain the line of dialogue: “I only look dead.”

COMMON LYRIC: Each 15-minute musical was required to contain the lyric: “Please let me get off this rollercoaster.”

COMMON MOTIF: Each 15-minute musical was required to contain the musical motif (in any key, with any note duration): G - down to C – up to C# - down to Bb – up to F# - up to G – down to D.