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2010 15 Minute Musicals


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FOR RICHER, FOR POORER: Four brand new 15 minute musicals written by the 2010 writers of the Core Curriculum at the Academy for New Musical Theatre, and presented at the Colony Theatre in Burbank, California on June 28-29, 2010.

The writers for the 2010 15 Minute Musicals were:
Maureen Borillo, Ronnie Cavalluzzi, Richard Castle, Joan Enguita, Nancy Gitlin, Richard Hefner, Sarah Hernandez, Matthew Levine, Ryan Luevano, Joe Moe, Ron Ovadia, Clifford J. Tasner, and Karrie Vach
The creative team was: John Sparks (Director): Jake Anthony (Music Director); Pat Loeb (Stage Manager); and the cast was: Sonia Alcazar, Patrick Foley, Emily Kimmel Plotkin, Barry O’Neil, and Gabrielle Wagner

Each season, the Core Curriculum participants are given a set of parameters before beginning work on their 15 Minute Musicals. Here are the parameters for the 2010 15 Minute Musicals.

COMMON THEME: Each team had to incorporate the words “For Richer, For Poorer” into either spoken dialogue or lyric.

Each participant was asked to draw one word from a hat, and then had to incorporate that word into their show as follows:

EVENT: The bookwriters each had to choose a one-word event that then had to be referenced in some way in the plot of their show.

CHARACTER TRAIT: The lyricists each had to choose a one word character trait that then had to be exhibited by one character in their show.

SENSE: The composers each had to choose a one-word “sense”, and then incorporate that into the score in whatever way was meaningful for the team.