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ANMT’s sixth annual MUSICAL THEATRE BOOT CAMP presents:


Instructor: Kevin Saunders Hayes

One Saturday evening, 6pm to 10pm
July 23
Course Fee: $125 (Early Bird/ANMT Member Fee: $75)


Saturday/Sunday evenings for three weeks, 6pm to 10pm
July 23 & 24, July 30 & 31, August 6 & 7
Course Fee: $750 (Early Bird/ANMT Member Fee: $600)

The course that tells you;
- What you need
- Why you need it
- How to set it all up (Step by Step by Easy Step) and….
- How to creatively integrate your website, Facebook page, Twitter feed, YouTube account, audio, video, and more, to successfully market and sell your musical, play, tickets, products and services!

Does the word ‘Twitter’ make you recoil in fear? Do you ignore people when they ask you to ‘Facebook’ them? Do you wish you knew how to make a video and upload it to YouTube? Does your website look like a forgotten ghost town? Hell, do you even have a website!?

If an embarrassed ‘yes’ is the answer to any of these questions, then this is the course for you!

In this Intro session, you will get an overview of what the heck you need to get yourself up on the internet; guiding you through buying a domain, building a WordPress site, setting up a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, and a YouTube account.

It’s fun and it’s easy - promise.

But wait… there’s more!

We’re also going to show you how you bring the online world into the ‘real’ world and creatively integrate your audio, video, social media and website into your musical, play, product, or service to create a seamless, 24/7 connection with your fans!

* Students who enroll in the Introductory Session and would like to continue on in the full course may do so at the end of the Introductory Session for an additional $625

To register (or for more info) - CLICK HERE

Kevin Saunders Hayes
Film Composer: Composed, recorded, performed and produced over 45 feature film scores, including two Academy Award Nominated documentaries, Five 1st-Round Grammy Nominations and two 21st Century Filmmaker Awards for Excellence.
Television Composer: Composed, recorded, performed and produced hundreds of hours of music for a variety of clients including; NBC, ABC, CBS, Turner/Cartoon Network, Sci Fi Network, National Geographic, A&E and Animal Planet.
Advertising: Composer Composed, recorded, performed and produced thousands of National and International Television and Radio commercials for clients that include; Kellogg’s, Playdoh, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, Ford, Dodge, Six Flags, Discover Card, Toyota, AT&T, and The Home Depot.
Vox Lumiere - Silents you can hear
Creator, composer, producer of the five-time, 1st-round Grammy Nominated Vox Lumiere - Silents you can hear. Vox Lumiere is the next evolution in entertainment where rock concert comes together with new music, live performance and classic silent films such as Metropolis, The Phantom of the Opera, Peter Pan and The Hunchback of Notre Dame for a spellbinding live performance of modern theatrical magic. Vox Lumiere has received two 21st Century Filmmaker Awards, and their PBS Special is shown nationally on PBS.
Theater Composer / Songwriter: Composer, lyricist and producer of thousands of songs, including the title tracks to a number of feature films. Hayes is also the composer and lyricist of 15 stage musicals.
Record Producer, Audio Production & Multimedia Post-Production: Produced various music projects for a wide variety of bands, solo artists, singers and songwriters. Hands-on practical working knowledge of digital recording and sequencing with Logic, and Pro Tools and all major DAW production tools. Detailed knowledge of entire audio and visual post-production process. (www.kevinsaundershayes.com)
Other Music Related Expertise: Composition, Music theory, Orchestration (real-world and sampler-based), Bass Playing (30 years of professional studio recording and live performance experience), Music Business (reading and negotiating contracts, copyright, performance rights organizations), Music Marketing (how to present yourself professionally, how to find work, making and keeping relationships).

Scott Guy
Author: Scott Guy

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Under Scott's tenure, the Academy has developed over 100 musicals for producers across the country, and over 200 independent musicals by ANMT writers. Scott has produced several ANMT musical theatre festivals and multiple seasons of concert readings and concerts. Scott's current and recent writing projects include: a musical with Placido Domingo, Jr., script consultancy with Disney for a Pirates of the Caribbean musical; book of Manson's Girls; and book/lyrics for Der FrankLloydWrightenlieder. SPAM: a song cycle will receive its world premiere at Boston Metro Opera next year. Television credits: Six Emmy nominations, and over 100 produced television scripts for Warner Bros., FOX-TV, Disney, Discovery Channel, PBS, etc. www.scottguy.biz.

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