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No Biz Like The Biz Of The Biz

A couple weeks ago, ANMT held a conference about the business aspects of musical theatre. Panelists talked about what it takes to get your show produced, and what you should do to make sure you get paid for your work after your show gets produced, among other things. It was quite informative.

Anyway, yours truly wandered around with a camera during the conference talking to people. Here’s the result of that:

That’s all for now!

Scott Guy
Author: Scott Guy

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Under Scott's tenure, the Academy has developed over 100 musicals for producers across the country, and over 200 independent musicals by ANMT writers. Scott has produced several ANMT musical theatre festivals and multiple seasons of concert readings and concerts. Scott's current and recent writing projects include: a musical with Placido Domingo, Jr., script consultancy with Disney for a Pirates of the Caribbean musical; book of Manson's Girls; and book/lyrics for Der FrankLloydWrightenlieder. SPAM: a song cycle will receive its world premiere at Boston Metro Opera next year. Television credits: Six Emmy nominations, and over 100 produced television scripts for Warner Bros., FOX-TV, Disney, Discovery Channel, PBS, etc. www.scottguy.biz.

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