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Show this Monday at the Colony Theatre!

The second annual Got Musical! is taking place this Monday, April 19th at the Colony Theatre in Burbank! Got Musical! is a sneak preview of brand-new musicals in development for producers across the country (and lucky audience members), giving an insight into our process for creating new musicals from scratch specifically for producers and theatre companies.

Musicals to be showcased include thirteen new shows currently in development for producers:

Windjammers by Robin Share and Clay Zambo — songs and stories about shipping on the Great Lakes.

A Midsummersausage Night’s Dream by Joanne Koch, Bill Johnson and Larry Todd Johnson - a fanciful retelling of Shakespeare in the land of the Cheeseheads.

Got Milk by Hillary Rollins, Bill Johnson and Kellen Blair — everyone’s favorite all-bovine musical revue.

Those Circus Boys by Charmaine Spencer, Beverly Crain and Aaron Coleman — the early days of the Ringling Brothers.

Aging Out by Tara Redepenning, Hillary Rollins and Darin Goulet — What happens to foster care kids when they turn 18 and the System stops taking care of them?

Powder Puff Pilots by Marian Partee, Cindy O’Connor and Noelle Donfeld — 14 brave female pilots in the 1920’s, and their historic flying race.

Black & White Christmas by Chana Wise and Carl Johnson - Jimmy Stewart, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby and Natalie Wood to the rescue, on Christmas Eve!

Mistletoe, Mistletoe by Eric Dodson and Alan Ross Fleishman — Poor Aaron, fearing his girlfriend has dumped him, wishes he had the last year to live over. Careful what you wish for!

e-$cape by Scott Guy and Clifford Tasner - a cyberspace thriller.

The Ring by Eric Dodson and Alan Ross Fleishman - Will the high school reunion of some old rivals unearth TRUTH or…CAT FIGHTS?

A Dog’s Tale by Carla Porter, Brian Leader and Brad Beaver — based on Mark Twain’s dark dark short story.

Ghost(s) by Kincaid Jones, Brian Woodbury and Noelle Donfeld — a mistaken communication forces a community theatre troupe to put on a terrrrrible musical adaptation of Ibsen’s play, rather than a musical based on the Patrick Swayze movie they thought they were getting.

Stigma Pi by Chris Smith, Jake Anthony and Mitch Glaser — a musical soap opera filled with horny college girls and the horny college guys who love to love them.

Got Musical! takes place at 7:30pm on Monday, April 19th at the Colony Theatre in Burbank. Tickets are $10. For more information, and to make a reservation, please visit www.anmt.org and click on Got Musical!

It’s sure to be a fun night!

Scott Guy
Author: Scott Guy

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Under Scott's tenure, the Academy has developed over 100 musicals for producers across the country, and over 200 independent musicals by ANMT writers. Scott has produced several ANMT musical theatre festivals and multiple seasons of concert readings and concerts. Scott's current and recent writing projects include: a musical with Placido Domingo, Jr., script consultancy with Disney for a Pirates of the Caribbean musical; book of Manson's Girls; and book/lyrics for Der FrankLloydWrightenlieder. SPAM: a song cycle will receive its world premiere at Boston Metro Opera next year. Television credits: Six Emmy nominations, and over 100 produced television scripts for Warner Bros., FOX-TV, Disney, Discovery Channel, PBS, etc. www.scottguy.biz.

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